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i have seen many of my post op joints and trauma patients get good relief with toradol. but yesterday i was speaking with one of the sugeons about it and he said it should never be given to a post op... Read More

  1. by   Sleepyeyes
    Thanks so much for the heads-up! Very useful info!
  2. by   sunnygirl272
    Originally posted by alkat
    How many days s/p hip surgery can you use these drugs? If they are three or four days post-op. can you use them?
    as a home care nurse, i am also curious..not about toradol, but the other NSAIDs and s/p joint replacements...after discharge from hospital...
  3. by   Nurse Jenni
    Hey thanks for the great info everbody..I just stumbled in to this one, and guess what...I just accepted a job on ortho/trauma unit this week! i got lucky!
  4. by   groggy
    toradol is classified as an nsaid right? can you give it to a patient with gastric bleed? i know of one md who prescribed it to a patient, whom he does not know has hx of gastric bleed.undefined
  5. by   zambezi
    Toradol is on our standing orders for our post-open heart patients. Some of our exclusion criteria include hx of peptic ulcer disease, creat >1.2, allergy to NSAIDS, and a few is too bad that it can't be used more often as it really works well for most people.
  6. by   nursern20
    Wow, I had one pt on our medsurg floor who was in with a hip fx but was his trip to the OR kept getting delayed d/t other acute problems like resp. problems. So they kept him on toradol round the clock for like over two weeks. At the same time they diagnosed him with multiple DVT's so they also had him on scheduled lovenox as well.
  7. by   Roy Fokker
    Toradol is actually on our standing orders for post-op knees and hips!

    The only guy I know who doesn't use Toradol is the ortho doc who does backs - but he liberally precribes Lorcets/Vicodin etc. (NSAIDs).

    While I did know about the 72 hrs limit d/t kidney/liver - I had NO idea Toradol was a no-no with ortho surgeries and it's conflict with anti-coags!

  8. by   Diary/Dairy
    Thanks all for the useful med info!!!
  9. by   suehp
    We have Toradol on our post op orders and usually it is given in PACU before they come up to the unit. (as a one off dose) BUT I have seen some patients that have had it ordered for about 6 doses...

    thanks for the info :spin:
  10. by   cdm.rn2006
    We have given Toradol to post-op joints in my hospital but it's usually just a one time dose.
  11. by   NJNursing
    None of our ortho docs prescribe toradol post-operatively. It's often a morphine PCA or if they do really well, morphine IV with Percocet for breakthrough. In recent years there has been a study with Toradol and anti-coagulants. All our patients are put on Lovenox BID (or at least daily) post-operatively.
  12. by   DDRN4me
    my dd has used toradol successfully after arm surgery; with no ill effects. Her hip surgeons do not use it due to the anticoag factor. Truthfully, when she has had the other ortho stuff it was like a godsend as she cant tolerate morphine.
  13. by   RoxannMM
    I like this Thread Quite intresting,

    I did know all of this about Toradol which is more than frequwntly used on our unit with both joints, and backs. I didn't know that is deceases that chance of fusion with spines. Which is intresting to me. We use Toradol with coumadin on our joints. IF anything it's helping them reach there therapeutic PT/INR faster. To prevent clots.

    We have one surgeon who on his knees will only use ASA, no toradol, nothing other than TEDS and compression device for DTV propho. Yeah, deff. seen the differnce his pt have had PE's.

    I just have some questions does any one have any idea on how many does of toradol to signifigantly prolong bleeding times??? I have never seen any documentation of how much toradol is take to prolong bleeding times.

    Out trauma patients are forbid from using any toradol.

    I think it's a great non-narcotic pain mainment.

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