1. Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has been giving Xarelto for post-op anticoagulation. What has your experience been like?
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  3. by   SheilaORN
    I have given it once, the ortho doctor ordered on this particular patient dunno why but that was the only patient have seen on the med. I don't know what you mean, experience as in what?
  4. by   cskjjk
    We give it in our hospital on a daily basis after orthopedic surgery. It is cheaper and easier for the pt. to take themselves at home.WE still have some old school doctors who still order the Lovenox sub q and don't use Xarelto. I look at Xarelto favorably since it is a pill, not a shot so patient likes it better.
  5. by   RainMom
    For a short time, around Nov-Dec, it seemed like I would have 1-2 pts every shift that had xarelto. But it was just a short spurt I guess, one ortho just trying it out, cause I don't really remember having to give any since.
  6. by   beeker
    We give it regularly on my floor.
  7. by   Morainey
    We seemed to have a problem after we started giving it, it seemed like pt's required more transfusions for those few weeks before they kind of phased it out. Bleeding into the joint, that kind of thing. We still have the occaisonal patient who takes Xarelto, but mostly it's ASA and Coumadin.