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I am going to be working on an orthapedics floor, could you guys who have heard or have experience with this floor, tell me what's it like? :) :p


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I have nothing more to add except Good Luck!!


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Same here - orthopaedics (aussie spelling!) is my next clinical placement. I hope all of you who have done placements there will share :-)

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My rotation thru this unit was great!! Didn't seem to be as stressful as some of the other floors that I had been on. Tends to be an older population and I had lots of hip/knee replacements. Got to work really closely with PT,OT and the doctors! I also liked the fact that these patients you were really getting to make a difference in their lives b/c you were getting them ready for home. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did and good luck!!!

suzy253, RN

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Yep...in orthopaedics a lot of hip/knee replacements. Working with PT to get them ambulating. A lot of pain management.

Aneroo, LPN

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Yeah. I like medical floors. :) We had two ortho floors. One was mostly hip/knee stuff. Lots of working with PT/OT. Sometimes that floor got some step-down trauma stuff. Lots of pain mgt. The coolest part for me was the day I went to surgery with my pt, saw her surgery, was there with her when she woke up, was there with her when she came around and everything.

The other floor we had was a lot of more neuro stuff, but some ortho. Lots of back surgery stuff, trauma step-down. -Andrea

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