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Orlando vs. Tampa career for new grad?



I have been searching everywhere for info on this but it seems everything I find is from 10 years ago. I am not a nurse, however I am graduating from Miami in 3 weeks and will be a registered respiratory therapist. I am dying to get out of Miami, as my family lives in Tampa. Does anyone have any info on which hospitals are best to work for in Tampa and Orlando, and if one city would be best over the other in work environment, pay, management etc.

Here I have come to notice all of the hospitals have different protocols as far as the responsibilities of the RT's. Some of them do everything including intubating and placing A-lines, and other hospitals have their RTs doing practically nothing with the nurses doing most of their work. I would prefer to find the hospital that allows us more responsiblity and more work load, as I cant stand being bored. I'm not sure how to go about finding this sort of information, unless I am lucky enough to know people working in each hospital.

Would anyone be able to steer me in the right direction of some good hospitals in both cities? Do you think me being a new grad and relocating will affect me? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

I did my clinicals at Lakeland Regional just outside of Tampa and it was an amazing hospital. I really enjoyed it. They hire new grad RN's. They are a 851 bed hospital and expanding so it may be something to look into.

I have also heard great things about Lakeland Regional.


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I can only provide information on what I have heard about reputations. In regards to Tampa, Tampa General and St. Joseph's have pretty good reputations. In Orlando, I have heard good things about Florida Hospital and ORMC. However, Florida Hospital has about 14 different locations throughout the Orlando area. In regards to RT responsibilities, I have no idea how the protocols differ between these hospitals- you would have to call HR to find out

I work at an HCA facility in the Tampa area but I've heard all great things about St. Joe's and TGH. St. Joe's would be my first pick if I were you. TGH pays less. The Baycare hospitals are good to work for. HCA probably has the worst of reputations compared to everyone else.


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Anyone know the base pay for a new grad with a BSN?

Hi IndecisiveinMiami,

I got into RT program so I am just trying to figure how is the job market for them, even though it is a little too early to worry about that. Things change over the years. I hope that i will like the program. Did you get to find a job easily? what are you doing now and how do you like it?

Thanks so much

My first year as a new grad was at Tampa General Hospital. I loved it and learned so much. It's a level one trauma center. The experience looks great on the resume and there is a lot of room for growth there. I'd choose Tampa over Orlando because I need the beach!