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I am interested in moving to Orlando once I graduate this coming May. Does anyone have information on new grad. pay rates, hospitals with good L&D or ER, family friendly neighborhoods, traffic, cost of living etc.


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RN or LPN? Florida Hospital in Orlando (actually in several locations) is supposively the top Hospital employer in Orlando. I have a friend who recently started.

Even if your experienced, you go through a 13-16 week orientation specialized to your speciality (Emergency, Cardio, PCU, CCU, etc).

Pay I believe is 22-25$ hr, benefits id imagine are good.

Don't leave IN orlando, live in one of the surrounding areas, Altamonte springs, Kissimee, Deland, etc.


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I live in Orlando and will be graduating this December. There are two main hospitals here, Florida Hospital and Orlando Health (formerly Orlando Regional Medical). Both are great hospital systems, and both have multiple campuses you can choose from spread out all over Central Florida.

Florida Hospital has a website for GN's, www.linktoyourfuture.com that you can check out for info, contacts, etc. I'm not quite as familiar with Orlando Health (www.orlandohealth.com) GN program, although I have heard they have a great program as well. Orlando Health is the parent organization for Arnold Palmer and Winnie Palmer Hospitals.

If you want a great ER, Orlando Health has a great Trauma Center, and I've heard good things about it. Winnie Palmer focuses only on women/baby issues and stays extremely busy with their L&D departments. I did my OB clinicals at FH though, and loved it, so either hospital system would be a great choice.

Hope this helps some...good luck in school and deciding where to move! :D


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Orlando Regional Medical Center has a Level One Trauma Center and Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Sick Children is obviously a good choice for L&D. Both are downtown, and you definitely do not want to live downtown.

You also do not want to live anywhere near all the tourist attractions (Kissimmee, Celebration, etc.) because I-4 is a traffic nightmare anywhere near Disney. I live in Southeast Orlando. Everything is new and really nice in the Waterford lakes area, and you can purchase a 3 bedroom 2 bath house for $150,000 in Avalon Park which is near where I live. They are tons of young families in my neighborhood and it seems like a different world than downtown. Everything you could possibly need is at the Waterford Lakes Town Center. West Orlando is nice as well (Ocoee and Apopka-Northwest) and of course Windemere (Southwest) but who can afford to live in the same area as Tiger Woods!!

Oh, and pay rates for new grads I have heard are $21-24. Tampa pays new grads more. Good Luck to you!!!


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Check out http://www.orlandohealth.com, it is one of the major hospital systems here. Winnie Palmer is our women's hospital, very nice, I delivered my daughter there. There is also Florida hospital, I would check that one out. I work in a community hospital in Clermont, about 30 minutes from Orlando, so I can't give you too much info on pay. (My hospital is affiliated with Orlando Health, but separate, so I'm sure the pay is different.)


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I wouldn't move to Orlando. My hubby and I moved here so he could work for Disney 2 years ago and it's been aweful. TOO expensive and traffic and gas are aweful. Can't WAIT to leave!


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What is the cost of living in Orlando and what are some good schools and family friendly neighborhoods?


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When you say expensive, what's average cost of 3/2 house to buy or rent?


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Couldn't PM you, I don't have 15 posts yet :)

The cost of living is lower than the national average, although it has gone up quite a bit in the last few years. Maybe this website will give you some info:


I don't have children, so I am not able to answer your question about the school system. There are some nice areas to live: Altamonte Springs, Winter Park, Apopka, Dr. Phillips, and all are on the outskirts of Orlando. Other people may have better suggestions, but those are the areas I would suggest from my experience.


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Hey there,

I like living here....but ONLY bc for the climate :yawn: , however, it's been raining since the begining of the summer! :banghead: Whatever! The thing is, we came from Georgia a couple of months ago and as I don't have any degree or something like that, I couldn't get a job. Then, I was lookink for something else to do, like McDonald's, BK, gas station.... nothing to do! You can't find a job here! I mean, any job! My husband has a good job, so we can survive decently...(thx God!). My kids are going to a nice school here. I don't have anything to complaint about this school (Sunrise Elementary). And the area we're living it's not bad... but if you wanna know, I think Lake Mary (Seminole County) it's the best place to live. If you have kids, perhaps you should take a look at this website here https://www.ocps.net/Pages/default.aspx they are cutting budget from all of our schools... still good, but my daughter is going to middle school next year, and she is really upset for the lack of sports (middle school) from now on :crying2: .

Anyways... I miss Geogia.... but my husband is happy here, and besides, I'm starting at nursing school next spring, so, we gonna stay here for a long time yet.

PS: Rent/mortgage it's not that expensive (rent= $1,500/month);and food, I usually buy it at Wal Mart (they still have the best price). For gas, we are paying like $3.80 (unleaded). Trafic is ugly (specially I-4).

Well, if you need anymore info, just let me know :up:

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I work at Winnie Palmer Hospital. It depends what area of patient care that you want to work in as to where to work. Trauma, Peds, Mother, Baby, NICU hands down Orlando Health. We have the only trauma center in central florida and we also have a separate pediatric trauma center as well.

I live in west Orlando near Ocoee and would not liove anywhere else unless it is a little further west towards clermont. Too much traffic to go north, south or east. In my opinion.

Welcome to summer, it is not uncommon to rain every afternoon.


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