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Went to orientation yesterday for LPN to begin January 12th. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I met a classmate who lives in my neighborhood my age, 46, bought most of my books, met my instuctor, looking for a bookbag on wheels, you know the drill. I really feel like I've passed a milestone in my life. Any good advice ? Thanks.


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First give yourself a great big hug and pat yourself on the back for making a fabulous first step!!!!:cool:

One thing I plan to do is establish a "warning" system for my family. Basically, if I'm really studying and prefer not to be disturbed for minor problems (things that can wait or take to their dad), I'm going to put a flag on my desk, or some kind of visual indicator that I'm in the middle of something important.

We'll see how that works! I'll let you guys know!

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Isn't it fun? I'm enjoying it too. Everyone in their 40's should have a go at a new future.

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Wow! You do sound so excited! I was the same way! I can't wait to hear how you are doing in the middle of next semester. I have to say, even though I was really stressed, I was always thinking, "So this is what I've been working my butt off for for the last couple of years". It's so worth it. I've wanted to be a nurse my whole life and I am so glad I'm pursuing my dreams and that you are too!


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And it gets even better!

I am also in my 40's and started all over again for this - I am finishing my second semester in an LPN Program this week - Had one final today and have 2 more Thursday - Only one more semester to go after the holidays!

I have to say starting school over again after so many years was a major adjustment! Having to relearn how to study and just the huge amount of material being thrown at me was almost overwhelming at first! That first semester especially was very stressful! But it seems like the stress gets easier as time goes on

I love it all - the classes, our Instructors, my fellow students, the clinicals - every single aspect of it - And each day it gets even better!

Best of luck!

kat57 -

Congrats to you! Aren't you going to DBCC? Seems like you responded to a post of mine awhile back.......

If you are going to DBCC...then I was in orientation right along with you! I start the generic RN program January 12th!

Hurray for us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I remember you ! You were hoping you would be moved up right ? Looks like you did ! I'm so happy for you. It seems like the whole program is very supportive and they make every opportunity for you to suceed. I'm in the process of getting my immunizations, basic life support class taken care of. The dbcc bookstore was out of some supplies so I tried the College Bookrack, in the same plaza as the Outback, they had a few books. Good luck to you and keep in touch !

Yep....got moved up (they called me right before Thanksgiving) and am now in the process of freaking out!

I am also trying to get everything done. Someone else had told me about the College Bookrack. I will have to check that out. I also just ordered some of my books from Amazon.com. Some of the prices were the same as the DBCC bookstore, some were better..... There is a TON of books that we have to have. I may also have to invest in one of those bookbags on wheels.... :)

Good luck to you as well!

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Enjoy the ride! It is full of twists and turns, but you will make so many friends along the way and you will find yourself changing in ways you never imagined. All the best to you!!

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