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Orientation. Have questions, need answers..


Hello all, my orientation is coming up soon and the school have been very vague. We are already registered for our classes and everything is payed for already. So my questions are for those who know or have already been through it.

1. Dress code, in general. Casual, business casual??? ( keep in my I'm in Texas and it's hot!!)

2. Says that orientation is two days with overnight retreat???? What the heck is going on that take two days plus overnight???

3. Do I bring lunch, money, do they feed you??

I have talked to student services and all she said was that it was mandatory and that we will recieve badges, uniforms, and books and tour. What else is there??? Advice please. Not sure what to expect.. Thanks.

2 days? Wow - ours was 2 hours. Any chance of bending the ear of a student that's already in the nursing program? Or try talking to another person at student services and asking the specific questions you've listed here. I'm surprised they're keeping it so mysterious - either that or the person you originally talked to felt they didn't have the time to go into detail (which is why I suggested talking to another person at student services)

I'm curious to know how your two day orientation goes, if you wouldn't mind posting back :) Good luck!

def take money for food just in case. a water bottle is always handy as there is usually a fountain where you can fill it up.

we had two orientations one 3 hour and one 6 hour. they sold food at the break.

sounds interesting, i'm very interested in yours as well.

Did you already try looking on the Texas forum for people who also attend your school? Your orientation sounds like it could be a lot of fun. What better way to bond with your new class than an overnighter. Just take what you would take if you went anywhere overnight. The dress code should always be assumed to be casual when it comes to school, in my opinion. I mean seriously, it is college. Most people wear pajamas to school every day so why would the orientation be any different. What are they gonna do, kick you out cause you didn't dress up?

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I would not be too casual - like halter or tube tops, shorts and flip flops. You might not be comfortable if the rooms are chilly and you might make someone else uncomfortable if too much skin is exposed. This is not the time to look perky and flirty. Jeans or capris, with a suitable top and maybe even a light sweater or jacket (just in case!) sound appropriate. Also they cannot expect you to be prepared for overnight without instructions. So don't sweat it. Don't forget to turn off or silence your cell phone during orientation. This is only polite to the instructor and your classmates.

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