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  1. by   NurseWinn
    Quote from ih8poodles
    I graduated with a BSN in June 2010, and did everything that all of you have done. After 10 months I started to think that I might have made a mistake and was seriously considering a different career path. I was bored and depressed and decided to find a volunteer position in a hospital. I just did office work, but I met people and within six weeks I got a job on med/surg.
    So, my advice is to do volunteer work at a hospital - any volunteer work. It looks great on a resume and gives you access to the people you need to know.

    Good luck everyone!!!
    Thank you!! That is good advice. I was trying to get into volunteer work at the local clinics but everyone of them is actually booked and they ask for you to try again in August!! I had not thought of hospital volunteer work, so Thank you!! heartbeat
  2. by   Karl Farmer
    A hospital opened 2 years ago in Gilbert, AZ (Phoenix area)- they hired 200 Phillipino RNs on some type of temp visa that I don't understand (they claimed a local shortage, which is a sickening lie), I have heard they are all paid under $20 an hour.
  3. by   LoveMyBugs
    OP do you have your WA liscnese yet?

    I am an Oregon native, graduated last year, unable to find a job in Oregon except flu clinics and peds home health (very few hours) I made the jump to Vancouver.
    I have been there 8 months and just gave them my 2 week notice last Thursday, I saw today that they already have an ad up looking for an RN to take my place.
    It is crazy at times, but the have a LTAC/vent wing and a rehab wing, plus LTC so a great place to learn

    The jobs are loosing up in OR, as I have been hired for Providence on-call for their LTC pedatrics unnit
    and I picked up another SNF/LTC position closer to home in Oregon full time, untill I can transition the pedis job into something full time. But I applied to 260 job in the Providence system before they called me to interview me.
  4. by   79Tango
    The Portland VA has Outpatient Procedure & PACU RN contracts right now. They are giving locals preference however they will also honor a license from ANY state so a bunch of travelers will be applying. Hit me up if you want the company info, I have a buddy working for them now.
  5. by   billyboblewis
    It is a sad time for RN's. Just read an article in the Baton Rouge, LA newspaper telling about how glad the local hospitals were that they could pick and choose from a large pool of applicants. In a situation like this you really almost have to know someone to get a job. Or if you knew exaclty what criteria they were using to pick and choose.
  6. by   dpiana
    What about county clinics, rural clinics, Red cross, blood banks, skin banks. Go into the reserves a flight nurse, See if the office of diasaster planning in your area has a position for you, it may not have the title of nurse. What about working for a congressional leader on healthcare policy. Grant writing. Research labs. How about working for a nursing or healthcare journal.
    Use Indeed.com andsort by keyword healthcare and see what comes up
  7. by   NurseWinn
    Dpiana,thank you for the reply! I have tried several of those options only to end up spinning my wheels. Most frustrating on government positions as their applications are so long. Have you heard of any success with new grads volunteering at the hospital and then applying as an internal candidate? I have also never heard of a skin banks before so my google searching has expanded!
    I am still hoping for a job that actually uses my skills sometime in the future! If you think of anything else let me know!!
  8. by   dpiana
    NurseWinn....The point is you need to be circulating among the RNs that have jobs...so when something becomes available they think of you. Join NWONE ( and I bet they will let u join at student rate since u do not have a job) This is where the key managers, directors and RNs in portland area come together. Volunteer for a committee....
    I would also called NWONE and ask about the Portland Nursing Salon...when is the next get together? This is a relatively new get together for any & all nurses at someones house to discuss nursing issues, etc. ....I would also check the MeetUps in Portland...is there some that are related to healthcare, nursing etc...you need exposure right now. Dallas
  9. by   NurseWinn
    Dipana! Thank you for your advice, once you stated it, it seemed so obvious!! I am joining right now as I type and will be searching for the next meet up! I can't thank you enough!! It may not be a job line up but I am sure this will at least put my toes in the water!! Thank you again!