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I didn't see a thread.....although it is quite early yet for some to be thinking about the upcoming application session. I am a senior at Marylhurst/PCC, will be graduating Spring 2013 and applying... Read More

  1. by   ecable
    Thanks, mamakac! I got a call yesterday...I am accepted off the waitlist for the fall! I will search for the facebook page.

    SOOO excited!!
  2. by   jeffreyjames
    ecable... I am on the waitlist list still and was wondering what your status was before you were accepted? Highly, Moderately, or Somewhat? Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it
  3. by   ecable
    Hi Jeffrey - I was a Highly likely candidate, but I had some issues with pre-reqs. which made me a candidate only for fall. I had quit taking pre-reqs. because I had gotten an e-mail from them a while back that said it was highly unlikely that I would be accepted. I needed to take my remaining classes this summer, so I was only eligible for entry for the fall, which made my chances slim (or so I thought!).
  4. by   rebeccab1989
    I know this is last years board but I have a question for all of you who have applied (and I don't know how to start are new page). I am starting the prerequisites this fall and was going to apply to the OHSU ABSN program after that. I'm thinking of taking 17 credits this fall so I have a lot of the prerequisites done by the end of December. Is there any chance I could get in?

    I have no nursing background or volunteer experience. I have a masters degree in special education (3.9 GPA) and a bachelors in early and elementary ed (3.761 GPA). I took some classes at a community college a long time ago (prior to transferring for my bachelors) and have a 3.3 GPA there. I have Cs in A and P from there and I know I need to retake them.

    I am just really unhappy with the stress and workload of teaching for the amount they are wanting to pay me. I can't support myself on $38,000 especially knowing I have a master's degree.
  5. by   mamakac
    I personally think that is a lot of credits to take in one term, especially in the science pre-req courses that you need to get an A in to be the best applicant possible- a lot of us tended to have a 4.0 GPA in our pre-req courses. Most of us also had some sort of life experience that led us to nursing, whether it was volunteering or personal health experiences, that we could speak to when writing our admissions essays.

    That being said- OHSU ABSN accepts a diverse group of people with very diverse backgrounds, and even though I was not offered admission to PCC, I did get into the ABSN program for this Fall.

    Also understand that nursing is very competitive as far as job market goes in Portland- many new grads can find it difficult to secure a job right after school and have to settle for jobs that are not their ideal position- such as part-time, lower pay, etc. This change in career will also increase your student debt-- most of us are taking out sizable student loans.

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