Jobs for New Grads?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just read this thread about lots of new grads not being able to find work:

    What is the situation here in Oregon? I live in the Portland area and am here to stay since I have a family and my husband's job is rooted here. I will not be able to able to go anywhere else for a job. The last thing I want to do is go through all of the time, effort, and investment to obtain a nursing degree and then not be able to find a job locally. One of the reasons I am interested in nursing is because of job security.

    So... any of you who are new/recent grads care to fill the rest of us in on the current situation? What program did you go through and did you have a difficult time finding the employment you wanted upon graduation?
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  3. by   tntwalker
    Have been looking for five months hospital , nursing homes, Oregon and in Washington. I have dual license Washington and Oregon, BLS and ACLS and a BSN. My mom work at Emanuel and couldn't get me an interview she worked there thirty years. UP just graduated 210 nurses and 100 at Linfield College that's not counting all the community college's (PCC, Clackamas, MT Hood, Clark with about 40 each) Walla Walla, Concordia, and other BSN programs our market has been flooded. It will turn around but I think if they producing so many nurse's it will be awhile.
  4. by   kamaboko
    Damn, that is not encouraging. I am of the opinion I'll have to take anything, anywhere in the US after I graduate. Does this sound about right?

  5. by   COLPN
    I live in Colorado and there is a limited supply of New grad positions out here. Way more students graduating than New grad positions. I decided to apply all over the country and be willing to work just about anywhere to get some experience. Interestingly enough I ended up getting a new grad position in Oregon. So now I'm planning a move.
  6. by   tntwalker
    Wow good for you I wish I could find one. My aunt teacher at UP and most of her students are taking jobs in Texas. One in Denver it's weird how people getting hired or not. I just applied for a job that had 3 spots for new grads and in one week they had 300 application. So 1/100 I will get it. NURSING HOMES ARE SEEING THAT MANY ALSO??????
  7. by   flai77
    Please try to apply at Good Samaritan in Corvallis, Or., thats how I got into the New Grad CCU Program or you can apply online for Meg-Surg position. If you have any ?s please email me at, I might be able to give you more info. Good luck!
  8. by   romie
    Astonishing. When I was researching and applying for nursing schools they were begging for nurses. Now I feel as if my master of music degree is alot more valuable than my bsn. Good luck to all of you new grads. You worked so hard and you will find the right job, the right fit. Just be positive and go into those interviews with the right mind set. I have done tons of interviews and have found that most employers want to know WHO YOU ARE, not your resume. So I tell them about my yoga, my music, my inline skating, my love for higher education. Before you know it we are are talking about the interviewer's children or talking shop about a particular field of nursing. It's a strategy that has worked for me and I have two jobs lined up in less than a week in a market that is completely saturated and has more hospitals than you can even begin to name.

    Wish me luck too. I am really scared too.