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  1. Anyone else getting ready to apply for the 2018 nursing program?
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  3. by   Brittany.perkins
    I am! I will be taking BI232 this term (fall) and BI233 next term. I have the rest of the prerequisites finished and I am getting excited to apply in February.
  4. by   L.Whitney
    I am, too! Finished all the prerequisites during fall term, and anxiously awaiting being able to apply!
  5. by   shimmer99
    I will be! I am currently taking the writing course this term and then will be all finished with pre-reqs. Getting nervous!

    I also just read the thread for the 2017 applicants, it was inspiring and had some good info in regards to our entrance test.
  6. by   mlandis63
    I am too! I just got my email from Enrollment Services that my application is complete! I read the 2017 applicant threads as well and there was a lot of good info. Did anyone apply last year? I applied last year (didn't get in, obviously haha) and got a 46 on the prenursing test. I am torn about retaking the test or using my old score. I know from reading last years posts that every point counts!
  7. by   Brittany.perkins
    You should definitely retake the Kaplan test! From what I understand 89 is full points. If you can raise your score higher, you'll have a better chance on getting in.
    I just received my acceptance email for my application too!! So exciting! I'm studying away for this entrance exam. Good luck!
  8. by   mlandis63
    Thanks Brittany! Good luck to you too! I will retake it. I want all those points! I retook two classes last year so I am up to full points with grades. Full points on the test would be amazing! Time to study!
  9. by   sbaker47
    I'm currently in the nursing program and from last year's scores you essentially need a 80 or higher to get into the program due to competition. 85 or higher will guarantee you a spot pretty much.
  10. by   mlandis63
    Thanks for your feedback! I should clarify that I meant I got 46/50 possible points. I lost the score sheet they gave me so I don't recall what my actual percentage was. Maybe 84? My main problem before was that I didn't get full points on the grades, but I have full points now after retaking two classes. How do you like the program? I've heard great things about Chemekta and it's my first choice!
  11. by   sbaker47
    Yeah the grade make the difference, but honestly that is a really good score. Make sure that if you retake it and if you score lower the higher score still counts.

    The program is good. Super fast paced. The hardest schooling I've done by far. I would go back to A&P anyday! It is tough and really helps if you keep all that A&P fresh in your brain to help with processes, especially the RAAS kidney system...ridiculously intertwined with everything and medications! The first term wasn't so bad. Second term has been super intense! There is no skipping readings at all! Tests every two weeks that count as the majority of your grade. Have to pass the term with 75% or higher to stay in the program. Good luck, all the hard work will be worth it. It's nice to start to see a light at the end of the tunnel!
  12. by   mlandis63
    That's my dilemma. The email specifically says we can use a previous score from the last two years, but if we choose to retest, the most recent score will be used. Last year I was a little rusty on physiology so I didn't do as well on the science section (still didn't do terrible). The math and reading sections were incredibly easy. I honestly don't know how I could improve my score on the writing section (my lowest score of all the sections) because the passages we were given looked like they were written by 5th graders. Overall I did pretty well, but I know every single point counts!

    I got so much good information from last year's posts. I remember reading some of yours! It's great to hear from someone who has been admitted. I'm surprised there aren't more people posting this year! Thanks so much for coming back and posting about what the program is like so far. Good luck, I'm sure you're doing great!!!! Hopefully I'll be joining you as a first year next year
  13. by   Kaymartinez
    Has anyone registered for the kaplan? I got on too late so the later dates were taken and now I'm forced to take it the 23rd, right before my microbiology final! I'm using tips from the last years thread when studying so I hope it pays off. I retook 231 and got an A and have full points on everything else so I'm a nervous wreck! Spoke to ----------------- and she said next year 231 will count for points so if I don't get in at least I have that
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  14. by   Kaymartinez
    did you guys apply to other programs as well? Is chemeketa your first choice?

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