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I start my OR position with classroom hours July 20 and was wondering what textbooks you might be able to recommend to me which helped you be better educated for your position.

I did a search on here and only found 2 books which were:

Alexanders ??

Essentials of Perioperative Nursing by Cynthia Spry

Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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If you have a classroom portion, there's a good chance that your OR will provide some books. My orientation was the AORN Perioperative Nursing Program, and the hospital loaned us a copy of the AORN standards and Alexander's. If they don't and you can't get it from the library, there's an e-book version available at aorn.org. I also recommend joining AORN, the journal alone is worth it, but you also get a lower price on CEUs through them and a lower price on the certification exam if you choose to take it.


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We used Alexander's in my course... and the standards binder of course!!


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Ask your nurse educator if he/she has books on hand that you can borrow. My nurse educator had Berry & Kohn's Operating Room Technique that she let my fellow interns and I borrow during our orientation. I prefer Alexander's Care of the Patient because it is more detailed as far as anatomy and various surgeries. It also has better illustrations and pictures.

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