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Hello all, any suggestions would be appreciated. I am starting NS in August (LPN) and I am thinking about taking A&P at my local college as well. I found a class that works with my schedule but I don't know if I am taking on too much. I need to do really well in all of my classes. I took an A&P course that was school specific ( so I am familiar with course content) but I need one with a lab so I can continue to bridge to RN after I graduate as an LPN. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!


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You need to give us more info such as : # of credit hours ur taking, commute time, do u have any kids, do u have a job, etc. because all of these play into whether ur taking on too much or not.


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I agree with snowrain.


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Sorry about that! OK, I am in classes 7:20am to 2:00pm M-F, I do not work, have a very supportive family, and a baby in first grade. My commute time is like 20minutes to NS and the local CC is about 25minutes. The class I would take is A&P 1 in the evenings MWTH from 6-7:30 and Th 6-9 (lab) I don't know the extent of my course load because we have not had orientation yet, but I start Aug 24th 2009 and graduate July 30th 2010. Again thank you for the responses!


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If I were you, I would wait to take the A&P til the fall after you graduate with your LPN. I found anatomy to be very brain-consuming, plus all the stuff for NS, I think you'll end up drained.


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I took one or two extra classes all the way through my ADN program, but none of them were sciences, and most of them were online.

Is A&P the only pre-req you need for the RN bridge? If so, I would wait and see how you feel after doing fall semester. You'll have a feel for how much time and work the LPN program is by then. Then if you feel you can handle it, take A&P in the spring.

If you have other pre-reqs as well, I would register for a non-science one this semester.


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I would wait. I took A&P and Chemistry together last semester. I did well but I thought my head was gonna explode. I imagine if your taking a&p and nursing classes that would be too much. Good luck.


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i wouldn't do that, wait and see how this semester goes just with ns itself, then if you're up to the task, take it next spring, if not, there's the summer or the upcoming fall.


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If I were you I would wait. The commute is not bad at all that's duable, the child that you have is not a total stressor but still factors in your ability to take the class. Mainly I say to wait because that is ALOT of schooling that takes up your time. Do not add another class in - waaayyy to hard for ya/anybody else for that matter.


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Isn't the LPN course load a little heavier than the RN? I know at my school the LPNs have between 15-18 credits a semester while the ADN program is only 9 if you have all your co-requisites done (which I dont...) I'm adding chem to my first semester of ADN school and a & p 2 to my second semester. But these classes will take me from 9 credits to 13.

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