Woo-who, I got a job in the OR!

  1. I'm so excited! I'm a fairly recent RN graduate, and was advised by many not to go straight to the OR....get a year or 2 of med/surg experience. I've been doing just that for about 7 months in a small community hospital, but I have been so unhappy with understaffing and mandatory overtime, and was rethinking my decision about becoming an RN. Cosmetic sales was starting to look really good. (I was an LPN for quite of few years prior, in outpatient type settings) I went ahead and applied for an OR position in a large teaching hospital down the road and got it! I know I'm in for alot of hard work, but I feel this is what I was meant to do, and it was the whole reason for going back to school. I would love some words of wisdom, advice, encouragement, or strength. Thanks!
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  3. by   shodobe
    Congrats! I hope you have many years of enjoyment. The best advice is to keep your eyes and ears opened all the time amd try to latch on to the most senior person because they will instill in you all the knowledge they possess. Also, keep your chin up and do not pay attention to idle gossip and the pranks of others who resent a "newbie". If you show the enthusiasm and desire to learn, then the whole world of the OR is open to you. Again, good luck. Mike

    PS, 25 years of OR nursing and wouldn't do nything else
  4. by   Rottie1
    Remember don't take the Dr's yelling personally. And do not get discouraged early on, it will take some time before you feel comfortable in all cases.
  5. by   sharann
    When you find your "niche" so early in your career I say good for you!
    Advice: Keep a clean spare pair of socks, underwear and bra in your locker. Just trust me on this one.
  6. by   shodobe
    sharann, good idea on the socks and undies, but the bra. I'm not sure about that one
  7. by   christianRN
    Congratulations, smalltowngirl!! Best wishes. I don't work OR, but I second the motion concerning latch on to those seasoned, experienced nurses who enjoy teaching. I've learned so much from others' kindness to take the time to help me. Everything from technique to how to handle the different docs. Congrats!!
  8. by   renerian
    Congrats! It is always fun to get what you want!!!!!!!

  9. by   rnor
    :roll :roll :roll that is great smalltowngirl! I work in a small town OR but I have worked in a bigger OR (that is where I learned everything). Just make sure you don't let the surgeons or some wise a- - nurses intimidate you..oh and they are right, keep an extra pr. undies, socks, bra, and ? tee shirt in your locker. Good luck, you'll do fine. It is another world, floor nursing doesn't even compare to the OR when it's your thing.
  10. by   502Nurse
    Congrats on your OR position! I'm glad to hear they are hiring people with less than the "mandatory" 1yr med/surge. Do you mind if I ask whereabouts in Central NYS you will be working? Thanks and good luck!!
  11. by   Marijke
    Congratulations!!! I made the step a couple of years ago and do not regret it. RN's hardly ever go from the OR to another area of nursing (as far as I have experienced).
    Be prepared to be exhausted and feel like a total beginner, but you seem to be a go getter, so I don't expect you will have to many problems.

    Good luck,

  12. by   dindy
    Where in Central NY will you be working. Thinking about relocating. Thanks
  13. by   nursedawn67

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