Which speciality is the hardest to work with?

  1. Just looking to hear from around the country which surgical speciality is the most tasking to circulate/scrub? I have found I like neruo (crani/back/neck stuff) but they seem to be the most tasking to setup. I have also found this group of surgeons to be the most "dry" to work with. On the flip side, general stuff is fun. I am more hands on with retraction and helping to close.. docs are mostly funny and easy going. However, I work at a big cancer center and we do way to many "open and close'em up" cases because of CA spreading.. way too many 40 something y/o patients with only a few months (mostly smokers--too bad). Anyone have anything different?
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  3. by   orrnlori
    I like general, plastics, ortho hand/foot, oral maxilofacial and reconstruction. I hate neuro and hearts, those guys have no sense of humor and think too much of themselves. Oh, and I hate sports medicine, they are jocks who never grew up, I always feel like I'm in the 7th grade when I work with them. And ENT docs just think their neurosurgeons when we all know they're just bugger pickers.
  4. by   suzanne4
    I happen to love neuro and hearts. But it really depends on the doctors that you work with.................I actually have the most fun in the heart room.....
    probably again because of the groups that I have worked with........
    if I have a choice, I would be doing only hearts and all day long.
  5. by   ceecel.dee
    Our cataract guy is a PIA! It seems to me the smaller the specialty, the smaller the sense of humor! Of course, his small-man's-syndrome can't help the situation:imbar .
  6. by   MelissaRN
    I love plastic surgery. Would love to get into a place that does just that. Ahhh dare to dream. I'm just starting out in the OR so I don't know who or what is difficult.
  7. by   RN4NICU
    Love hearts. Hate ortho.
  8. by   stevierae
    I can get along with anybody, and do, but I find hand surgeons across the board to be a bunch of da** whiney prima donnas.

    Same with hearts. Especially with hearts, there always seem to be a bunch of power plays going on within the present team who is scrubbed and with the other people who do hearts at any given time--lots of backstabbing.
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  9. by   shodobe
    Love ortho, hate hearts. Mike
  10. by   Chrislynn2003
    At my hospital, we have general, ENT/plastics, ortho and a little CV and GYN. I like ortho a lot. I have only been in the OR for 8 months, but i mostly do ortho. A lot of the ortho docs seem like jerks at first, but once they develop trust in you, it's fun doing the cases. I have also found that this is my comfort zone for now, and that over the next couple of years, I am sure I will develop other comfort zones.