1. I need help with Osha guidelines. A specimen was thrown in the trash after a surgical case. This happened Wed., and on Friday the OR was notified that the specimen was not in the specimen bottle sent to pathology. Well, the surgeon was called etc. and we were told to go to the dumpster and retrieve it period. Our trash is compacted, now here these girls are digging in the dumpster trying to get bags out, our dumpster is empitied once a month....we stopped, but was informed by the CEO, and DON that we would continue to look, and the company came to dump the dumpster so we could search through all the trash. Now we have trash all over the back parking lot, sifted through bags of maggots, sharps were found, and broken glass. Finally, someone tipped our infection control nurse as to what was going on and she went to the DON and CEO, and it was stopped....now who is liable if someone in the OR gets sick from this crap, not to mention one had a scratch on her foot, and what were we breathing out there??? Guidelines needed please......!!!!!
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  3. by   NurseDennie
    Wow! Sorry, I can't be of help here, of course. But wow. I can't believe people actually DID that! If the doc had said to cause it to appear out of thin air, would they have attempted that, as well???

    Was the specimen found?


  4. by   CATHYW
    This stinks! It is absolutely absurd! The person who is liable is the one who first ordered you to do it. Then, it would be the people (in authority) who stood and watched while you did it!

    This is the height of absurdity! Have that load of trash incinerated, for heaven's sake!
    Please let us know how this plays out-
  5. by   rnor
    Hey everybody...no the specimen was not found...I'm sorry to say, thank goodness I wasn't the one circulating in that room. The doc thought the patient had cancer..I guess that's why he was so upset about it being thrown out...I'm sure the hospital will eat that bill and the next one for her return, if she returns for another biopsy, I'm not sure what is going to happen. Thanks for the help and support. rnor
  6. by   2ndCareerRN
    Here is my take on what has a high probability of happening.

    The surgeon will contact the pt and tell her the test was inconclusive, and that it will have to be done again. That way he will get to bill again for the same procedure.

    Or, I could be wrong. I would like to think so, but I am beginning to lump many doctors into that cesspool that also contains all the lawyers in the country.

  7. by   rnor
    Isn't that the truth about lawyers..and some docs. I just had to pay a lawyer 400 bucks so my hubby could get out of a ticket, which was his fault...speeding.of course. This will probably take 5 min. for the lawyer to take care of, if that long.
  8. by   rnor
    To continue the saga of the dipsy-dumpster and the specimen...let me fill you in... administration held a meeting with the crew that was present in the room, and proceeded to tell them that they never said for the OR crew to go through the dumpster...hello....is everyone in the OR stupid or deaf???? Hey, 2ndcareerrn, you were right, everything is hunky dory with the patient and doc...oh well...live and learn...guarantee you I won't be in anymore dumpster regardless...orrn