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I'll be graduating soon, and I was going through some job openings at a hospital in Florida. Someday, I would like to be part of the perioperative nursing team. I hope to actually be a nurse in the... Read More

  1. by   blueandred2921
    Hi everyone, I am a nursing student doing my ADN right now. I wanted to know how much of a difference in salary is there, if i have a ADN and not a BSN? Just curious. Thank You
  2. by   Terpole
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    Dang guys y'all need to bring it on over here to Houston. Some of our techs make in the $18.00+ range. Nurses....whooo knows how high they are. I know some of our L&D nurses are pulling in close to $30 an hour and NO that is not a PRN rate. I know our OR nurses get quite a bit.

    But is the cost of living in Florida less than it is here? Maybe that is the thing.
    I don't think so, even though it's north Florida it's still Florida which is enough in itself.

    Jacksonville is pretty different, in the sense that a family of four can thrive off of 42k a year. Anything further south of Orlando, Florida and that income would probably below average just because the cost of living is so much higher.
  3. by   pvnurse1
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    Yes I have to agree about the state pay scale thing because new OR grads in the area I live in(Houston) get about $23 to start out in the OR. Some hospitals consider the OR specialty area so they pay a little more. Man that $16 does sound more like tech pay. Even though there is not much of a shift diff in the OR because of the standard 6:30-3 hours, there is ALWAYS call. My hospital pays us $3.00 and hour just to carry the beeper and if we get called out we get time and a half plus the $3. Also if you have already worked your 40 hours for the week you get time and a half plus $12.00. There are always ways to make some extra money in the O.R.. Plus you can work agency if you are in a large area. I don't know what the RN rate is for Houston but I know it is at least $30 an hour because as an agency Scrub I made anywhere from $23-$26. The money is out there you just have to find a good area and check out all of the hospitals. We all know that the raises are crappy(2% for us) so the only way to make a lot is to start out at a lot.
    If you don't mind, I also live in houston and will beginning work soon. What hospital is it you work at, if you don't mind my asking. You can send this info by private message if you prefer. Thanks!
  4. by   Mischa G
    Here in Ontario, Canada RN's get paid $23.80 (canadian) to work in the OR.
  5. by   KristinWW
    South Florida pay is bad, cost of living is high - go figure. That's one of the reasons I left. New nurses start $18-$19, and being in the OR doesn't make a difference. Critical care nurses receive a whopping $1 more per hour.
  6. by   SandraDeeRN
    HI everyone I'm new to the site and this caught my attention because I am transferring to the OR in February at my hospital in Pittsburgh. I currently work on a med surg floor that specializes in heart failure and strokes and make a little over 20 an hour. When I spoke with the HR dept about my wage in the OR she told me I would be making 19.21 and I was like WHAT??!?! It was a shock at first so I asked her why it went down considering I have two years experience as a nurse and she said its because you don't work weekends or nights or holidays like the floor nurses do so the wages on the floor are higher to be more competitive to make people not care they're working weekends or nights because they're getting paid more.
  7. by   ajaxgirl
    Quote from Mischa G
    Here in Ontario, Canada RN's get paid $23.80 (canadian) to work in the OR.
    that is the starting rate-it goes up to $35 or 36