Operating Room job offer - Santa Clara, Bakersfield or Las Vegas

  1. Hi everyone! Happy Nurse's week!
    Well just got a job offer from hospitals in Santa Clara, Bakersfield and Las Vegas. I'm still deciding where to go. I need some advice guys. Offer in Santa Clara is 75/hr, Bakersfield is 46/hr and in Las Vegas is 44/hr. Which city will I choose and why? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   WhoDatWhoDare
    I'm guessing they didn't call you out of the blue to make a stranger an offer, but rather you applied to each location after doing some research on them. What factors did you use to select these locations to form your decision to apply to them in the first place? You didn't post much besides their offered pay. I'll say the obligatory "pay isn't everything... blah, blah, blah" stuff, and now you share some details about what led you to apply to those places. Without more details, this post just comes across as gloating about the actual pay rate.
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  4. by   skippyspamgarlic
    Yes I applied to all 3 hospitals because they're close to my relatives. Well I want some inputs to what city will I save more after tax deductions and cost of living.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Well, the weather is better in Santa Clara. That could be an important factor for people whose health does not make extremes in weather easy to tolerate.
  6. by   skippyspamgarlic
    But the traffic is the worst right?
  7. by   brownbook
    Are you young? Is partying, meeting young people, socializing, important to you? Do you plan to rent an apartment?

    Do you like water sports, hiking, do you have pets?

    Are you married? Do you have children?

    Are you planning to settle down, stay in that area, buy a house?

    Are you trying to make the most money so you can retire early?

    You need to answers these kind of questions and many more, to decide which area will work for you.
  8. by   skippyspamgarlic
    I have a familly so partying is not my priority. My wife wants shopping though. School system for the kids is also important. I just want to go where we can save more.
  9. by   brownbook
    Sooo many things to consider. Family in the area, they would, could, be a big help, and just to have family close for holidays, birthdays, etc.

    Las Vegas and Bakersfield have a lower cost of living thus lower wages. They're not as desirable as Santa Clara. But I am sure you could find good schools and shopping. I'm sure there are fancy shops on the Las Vegas strip casino area.

    Santa Clara is in the heart of the silicon valley. Crazy expensive, great schools and shopping.
  10. by   skippyspamgarlic
    How's the traffic in Santa Clara and Milpitas area? Is it really bad like in LA?
  11. by   brownbook
    Yeah, traffic is a nightmare during commute hours. And probably heavy on and off during non commute hours. As to you commuting to your job, if you are not scheduled "normal" commute hours maybe it wouldn't be as big an issue.

    Use any map option on your computer.....put in Milpitas to Santa Clara during commute hours you will see what traffic flow is like.
  12. by   DisneyNurseGal
    Congratulations! Like some of the other posters have mentioned, cost of living (IMO) should be one thing to really look at. $44 in Vegas may seem low, however your money will go further in Vegas than any other Cali job for many reasons but no state income tax being one of them.

    Another point I would like to make is I would ask these employers to see what they charge for benefits, specifically health insurance. The Bakersfield job may be tempting (for example), but if insurance for you and your family will run you $250 a check its not worth it.

    I work for an employer who has a monopoly in my state, and the pay is average, but what keeps me there are the benefits. I get AMAZING insurance for $80 a check with a $1000 YEARLY deductible. The hourly rate does not always tell the tale of the compensation for a job.

    I was born and raised in Vegas, and yes it is not perfect, but it is not that bad of a place to live. You could live there for a very long time without stepping in a Casino. Hell, most locals don't even go to the strip unless people are visiting.

    Good luck!!
  13. by   Argo
    The traffic in South bay cities is pretty bad, since you're not going to drive all the way to SF the commute won't be intolerable. The pay will get sucked dry from taxes quickly in California. Call pay in the area is usually half your hourly rate so people make a good living by picking up extra call.

    I would pass Bakersfield immediately.

    Vegas would take some strong consideration depending on your like of the heat and dry in summer, winters will be nice though. Also depends on benefits costs too.

    In reality I would not move full time to the bay area to raise a family and live full time. I have been working as a traveller around SF for 2 years now and have commuted a bunch to save money.... Public schools for the kids are not great and private schools cost as much as a good university.