l'm frightened to death of.....

  1. l'm frightened to death of........
    This may be an odd place to post this, but l need some words of encouragement please. l haven't discussed this on the BB, mainly whined about it in chat, l have been having mid to high back pain with very strange symptoms...l won't go into all of it. After 2 MRI's and a GB U/S, l have discovered l have gall stones, and the way l feel, l could be sitting on potential hot GB...don't feel well at all......so here's my delemma....I am terrified of being put to sleep for surgery (which is where l think l am headed ). l have been a nurse too long and seen too many bizarre situations and outcomes. l have had anesthesia 2 times before not counting my tonsils when l was 5...l had no problems except a lot of difficulty waking up.....l am NOT a good patient, l admit l am scared. Is there any other options other than general anesthesia for this proceedure?....could you please detail for meat least a little about the anesthesia and the proceedure....any info and encouragement will be appreciated....thanks.......LR

    ps....they won't do surgery on an inflamed GB will they?
    and, l posted this in the anesthesia forum too...hope that is ok?

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  3. by   researchrabbit
    If you're close by (I'm in Oklahoma) I'd do a presurgery hypnosis on you...worked really well for my nephew as far as decreasing stress and fear.

    Remember, the more you know, the more there is to fear.

    I don't work in surgery, so I don't know what your choices are, otherwise. I know you'll do well, whichever way it goes.
  4. by   l.rae
    thanks, l wish l was closer, l am in ohio, what does pre surgery hypnosis consist of....sounds interesting..how did you get into that?.........LR
  5. by   spineCNOR

    I am an OR nurse, not an anesthetist, so I am no expert--
    are you having surgery in a facility where you work? If so, talk to at least one, more if possible, OR nurses and ask who would they choose to put them to sleep if they were having surgery-they would be your best source of information. IF possible, try to talk with the recommended anesthesia provider before you go into the hospital and discuss your fears with them.
    Anesthesia has come a long way since I graduated in 1973- they have MUCH better monitoring equipment and drugs than just a few years ago.
    It is frightening to anticipate the total loss of control that comes with general anesthesia, but perhaps feeling involved in he plan for your anesthesia will help.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery from your surgery!
  6. by   l.rae
    Thanks spineCNOR..lwill do that, you know, l don't even have the official report yet...the U/S tech showed me the stones on the screen, but l still have to wait for "official" referrals.....you gave excellent advice!...right now l am not sure where l will have this done....One draw back is l work in a teaching hospital....l have seen some of those residents in action!..OMG!...being asleep, what if they let one of those clowns "practice" intubation on me?
    Again...thanks for the great advice....l will do this!....LR
  7. by   researchrabbit
    Presurgery hypnosis: depending on how suggestible you are, you'd either be induced into hypnosis with progressive relaxation or what's called an "arm rising". Once you're in a deep hypnotic state, you are given "circle therapy" -- a way of reducing stress and fears which is repeated 3 times, each time diminishing the stress you are feeling in regards to those fears. Plus a few suggestions on how you will feel the day of the surgery. Takes about an hour, and 2-3 sessions really makes a difference. You can also be induced just before the surgery and go into surgery under hypnosis.

    This isn't like stage hypnosis: you remember everything said to you while you are under.

    A good hypnotherapist should make you a tape of the session so that you can listen and reinforce the suggestions given (which, BTW, you should NOT listen to while driving!).
  8. by   BadBird

    I too had a fear of anesthesia, I had my wisedom teeth pulled with novacaine because I was afraid to be knocked out. This past summer I had 2 surgeries in 2 months. Both times I had general anesthesia, no problems or side effects. I hope that if you need surgery your experience will be as good as mine was.
  9. by   shodobe
    I agree with spineCNOR, talk with some OR nurses. I have no problem telling people I know who to use and who not to! They won't do a "hot" GB unless they feel it is gangrenous, which your's is highly unlikely. They'll let it settle down and do it when your GB is stable. I have been in the OR for 25 years and anesthesia has come so far in that time. Monitoring has gone from only BP's and a chest stethscope to O2 sat monitors and BIS(bispectral) monitoring, sort of like a on-going EEG. I think once you become comfortable and have confidence in your anesthesia giver, everything will go well. Good luck and relax, it will help. Mike
  10. by   liveintheOR
    It's normal to be nervous and scared. Discussing your fears with the anesthesia personnel pre-op is a great idea. As for students, there is a part of the operative permit where you agree or disagree to let students in your room. If you say no they cannot have students (of any kind) in your room. Ask about this. It may make you feel better. Good luck! I had my GB out several years ago and felt better the same day!
  11. by   nrw350
    Talking with friends about your fears is the best solution, and find someone who you trust and dont be afraid to tell any of your care givers period of your fear. Never know, one might hold you hand to help you feel easier.