Latex-Free Operating Room

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    I am an O.R. nurse with a progressive latex allergy. I am experiencing severe food allergies associated with latex. Does anyone know of a Latex-free O.R. ?? I am desperate to stay in my field. Thankyou
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Our OR is not specifically latex free, BUT we have 3 nurses who have a latex allergy. We have vinyl exam gloves for them, latex-free sterile gloves that can be used for prepping or if they scrub. We use latex-free anesthesia circuits, so that's not an issue either. Also our tourniquets are latex-free.

    If you are latex allergic, your facility should (is required to) provide latex-free items for you to use.
  4. by   ortess1971
    Many hospitals are going the "latex safe" route. We only have latex free gloves(sterile and non-sterile) in my OR. The other day, I saw a visitor get stopped in the main lobby of the hospital. She had brought latex balloons in and they made her take them out to the car. She thought this was a bit much but some people have deadly reactions to latex. A nurse I used to work with had an allergy to latex, touched some latex gloves by mistake and got some of the powder from them in her eye. She swelled up in about 5 minutes-one of our anesthesia docs ran her down to the ER. Pretty scary! Marie is right-hospitals are required to provide you with alternatives to latex-I'd check with Employee Health.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    With the advent of so many people developing latex allergies, some hospitals are going entirely latex-free.

    Here's a nice article about the Shriner's Hospitals going latex-free:

    Here's another article about latex-allergy job accomodations:

    HEre is another reference with link provided about Hawaii hospitals that are latex free:

    Hope this helps.
  6. by   lostfromlatex
    :wink2: Thanks, TraumaRUs and everyone else for comments and information.!