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  1. How do you develop thick skin?

    IsseyM, One of the first things I learned in my perioperative course was not to take things personally. Usually, the surgeon is reacting to the situation at hand. If it becomes personal, then you can address this person after the case if necessa...
  2. Lowest of the Low

    I am sorry to hear about your situation.... I know I have been off the floor for many years, but where was your proper orientation? And how can a new grad be in a Charge position?
  3. Relocationing

    You will love the mountain views, but watch out for the "Javelinas" :welcome:
  4. Female Foleys... I STINK AT THEM>>> HELP!!!

    A good tip..the hand you are using to retract with, make sure you pull your hand upward, this will help expose the area. Also, the betadine will pool in the urethral opening. Good Luck!
  5. Latex-Free Operating Room

    :wink2: Thanks, TraumaRUs and everyone else for comments and information.!
  6. Areas of OR nursing

    Well , I will answer this with a little sarcasm... the hardest thing about O.R. nursing is working in a room for eight hours with someone you have very little respect for because of how they treat people.
  7. Latex-Free Operating Room

    Hi, I am an O.R. nurse with a progressive latex allergy. I am experiencing severe food allergies associated with latex. Does anyone know of a Latex-free O.R. ?? I am desperate to stay in my field. Thankyou
  8. "Med-Surg first"..need advice from a student RN

    Hi KattsRN, I would strongly suggest at least a year of med-surg. You will be putting all the didactic and clinical to it's test. Should you not like the O.R., you have wasted precious time. Get a good foundation first, then you can use it as a ...
  9. Nurse with Tourette's?

    Hi imorgner, Go for it! I am a nurse who has Tourette's, no meds- too many side effects:(. I have been a nurse for 19 years and have never been denied a job. I have never mentioned that I have this condition, because it does not interfere with m...