I wanna work in cosmetic surgery

  1. Hello all!

    I read a couple of threads about "no RNs in OR" and I wanted to know how difficult it would be to get a job in plastic surgery. Aren't some surgeries done in-patient in a hospital? I graduate in Aug 07, do the surgeons hire new grads? If so how is the pay and will the surgeon train me or are there courses. Is it any different than normal OR? I find cosmetic surgery very interesting. I want to work in the OR period. Any one have any experience or advice?


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  3. by   Hope1978
    Hi Niki,
    I feel the same way. I really wanna work in plastic surgery but I dont know how to get involved. It seems noone wants to give any advice. I'm not sure why...good luck to you, and let me know if you get any good info.
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Surgeons vary with their 'requirements' for qualifications. Some will hire new grads, some want experience. Maybe making inquiries at a local plastics office will give you a rough idea what they might be looking for, and what you might need to do to get started on that path.
  5. by   Lara911
    I just left an OR dept in a hospital for an another hospital, still OR. I'm still in training..in between, I saw a job at a private clinic, the doctor himself called me and was interested to meet me, considering that in the first couples of week of the training you learn the basic things that I think you need to know (prep, draping, instruments)to work in private...But I did not go because actually I don't want to do all the time the same thing, I want to learn more, so I accept the job at the hospital, but jsut to let you know that I think it is possible, even better if you have basics knowledges, anyway surgeons seems to have their own way to do things and like you to do it that way, so in private they seem ready to learn you what they want. Check the job offers or send your cv to private offices!! Goodluck!