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  1. Lara911

    Share Your Funniest Patient Stories...

    The best one from a friend of mine who does not speak english at all... my collegue was on her training for olderly (?)...the guy she worked with told her at 17hr we need to go fast, we go in each room and we install everyone in bed or chair for the meal coming at 17h30 . He told her, you start at one end of the hallway and I start the other side and we have to meet in the middle, so go fast. She did what he asked for, really motivated to get the job. She went in every room and installed every body, bed up , table in front of them and even the towel to cover the gown...in one room, she saw a old lady in the bed and next to her, a younger one was crying. She said to herself, probably the daughter findind hard to be next her sick old mom in the hospital. She installed the old lady ready for lunch and the other one keep repeating the same thing but she spoke english and my friend did not catch a word. She was really proud being that fast and got the the nurse zone where the head nurse asked to talk to her. The head nurse asked; do you speak english...my friend said...a little.. The head nurse told her, you know the lady in the room numberxx, she was triyng to tell you something. My friend said i know but I did not understand nothing so I installed her mother and left. Well, she was trying to tell her that her mother just died!!!
  2. Lara911

    Share Your Funniest Patient Stories...

    Another one...health phone line.. a woman called to ask what she should do now...her husband was on a trip and she needed sex and she remembered one time her husband took a finger to stimulate her in the rectum than she tried this with a pen but now she lost the pen in and could not find it anymore so she wanted to know if she need to go to the emergency....I think so..and don't forget to SIGN your admission form...
  3. Lara911

    Share Your Funniest Patient Stories...

    Working at a health phone line, a guy called for a severe pain in the foot. My collegue asked him a few question to make sure there were no emergency, so she asked is it swollen, red, how much is the pain, how is the temperature of that leg, and the man kept answering ..well i don t know..so she was a little tired and finally said...well it should not be that complicated to answer my question, if you compare with your other foot is it bigger, warmer ...and the man said...well i don t know!!...i just have one leg!!
  4. Lara911

    what is the best/worst specialty docs to work with...

    Well you know what they say difference between god and the surgeons...god does not think is a surgeon!! I agree they are hard to work with, and the biggest winners of all, orthopods !! I agree!!.. Sorry... I know you will say they are good in all specialty and it is true, but this is not the question here!!...but anesthetist are really nice. And by the way, OR nurses are not easy either, here in Canada. But in general all nurses are nice don't you think so??)) Byebye!!
  5. Lara911

    Share Your Funniest Patient Stories...

    I work actually in a private surgical clinic and I was teaching the patient to apply cold compress on her face for the next 3 days...so I told her you take a bowl and put some ice and water in, don t apply ice on your face but that keep your water really cold and so you can put your compress in without getting out of your bed each 15 minutes...she looked at me and asked very seriously...I don' t understand how will I get the bowl to stay in place on my face???)))... Have a nice day...sorry for my english I'm french speaking but I make an effort!!
  6. Lara911

    Funny things that pts say

    I work in a private surgical clinic...I had a patient in recovery room who asked me...i'm sorry, do I have a lot of pain?...
  7. Lara911

    I wanna work in cosmetic surgery

    Hi, I just left an OR dept in a hospital for an another hospital, still OR. I'm still in training..in between, I saw a job at a private clinic, the doctor himself called me and was interested to meet me, considering that in the first couples of week of the training you learn the basic things that I think you need to know (prep, draping, instruments)to work in private...But I did not go because actually I don't want to do all the time the same thing, I want to learn more, so I accept the job at the hospital, but jsut to let you know that I think it is possible, even better if you have basics knowledges, anyway surgeons seems to have their own way to do things and like you to do it that way, so in private they seem ready to learn you what they want. Check the job offers or send your cv to private offices!! Goodluck!
  8. Lara911

    New job tomorrow!!

    Thanks!!I had a great day, last minute change, I start in the OR unstead then the recovery room but I like it so!! Thank for your support!!
  9. Lara911

    Interview in AM. Nervous!!

    I worked in a medical office in the past, doctors in private don,t pay a lot but they have been the best boss I had,I learned a lot with them, I wish you good luck!!
  10. Lara911

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    I was a sex educator in a highschool before ...I worked with a school nurse and it is with her that I learned more about this job, Iwent back to school to become a nurse...I never say to people I meet what I did before, enough ear when you say you are a nurse and they tell you for the thousand time..oh..I'm sick...ahah...imagine the stupids things that come when you say you are a sex educator...
  11. Lara911

    New job tomorrow!!

    Hi everyone, I just wonder if you can give me some advices on this new job tomorrow, I start in the recovery room in a new hospital. I will also get the training for the OR later and since I'm available to do endoscopic, minor surgeries or whatever related to surgery, they don't ask me to do ON CALL anymore and they give a full time day job!! it seems to me like a great new! Hope I will be fine...:uhoh21: By the way thank you to all, I really appreciate reading your posts!
  12. Lara911

    What was your funniest, or strangest call?

    I did this job for a couple of years, as a part time overtime job...at the beginning, every evening, during at least one call I was absolutely sure that it was a joke of the guys at the radio...but I get used to it..it is just reality..I remember the one with the poor lady who called because she wanted to know what to do after she lost her husband's pen in her rectum...and the one with the men giving oral sex to his pregnant wife, he was worried to give the baby his cold...and the worst or the best...a men called the 3rd of january, worried for his wife, he told me she was asleep since the 31th in the night and never woke up since then, he tried to move her and everything but she wouldn't open her eyes, nothing...my first question was...does she breath? he told me..I don't know, I just call to see if it is normal after all she took during the party...I hesitated to ask, is she cold but I send the 911...
  13. Lara911

    Patient is a famous star

    In the hospital where I worked a couple of years ago, a very well known hockey player came for healthcare after an accident...girls were all upside down...and you, for which famous star would you be ..let's say the best nurse you have ever been??
  14. Lara911

    I am a nurse, but I dream of....

    I'm a nurse but in my dreams...i would be a surgeon who would be so nice to the nurses!!!!
  15. Lara911

    'Unhealthy' nurses...bad examples?

    Okay so what you say is that overweight nurse are bad examples??? So I imagine you would like to live in a perfect world where no one is too much stress, every body is goodlooking, exercice 3 times a week, no one smoke, no one drink too much at christmas party, no one drive too fast, no one eat too much, love chocolate or coffee, no one take sex risk, well...Welcome to reality of human being...who are we to judge somone else?...Thank god I'm not perfect, it help me to understand others who are not...