Glasses with masks

  1. Hello OR nurses! I just accepted a position in the OR. Circulator, so non sterile. I have not started yet. I am new to the OR, but everytime I wear a mask with my glasses, they fog up or fall off. Also, I am getting older and really should wear bifocals. My eyes get dry with contacts. Even though I won't in the sterile field, what do people wear in the OR??
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  3. by   WhoDatWhoDare
    There are masks that are designed for use with glasses... some have a tacky/sticky strip that seals along the bridge of your nose, others have an extra strip of film to stop the transfer. In our facility, these are green colored.
  4. by   Rose_Queen
    Look for masks that may be labeled as "anti-fog". Like PP said, they have a strip or another method intended to reduce the amount of fog that can hamper vision. One thing I've noticed with the ones with plastic strips is to be gentle removing it! I've made my nose a little raw and tender pulling it off too quickly.