expected arrival time when on call

  1. what is the time that you are expected to make it back to the hospital when on call and called in for a case?
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    don't be too far away, if you go shopping throw a uniform in the back ofthe car..when they call you ask them just how stressed they really are and act like you would want them to act iff you call someone
  4. by   shodobe
    Where I work 30 minutes is the expected time even though you could be a few minutes beyond that. One other place where I worked 15 minutes! That was because the OR covered the L&D c/sections. The other place where I work hasn't covered OB for almost 10 years.
  5. by   elcue
    30 minutes. People who live further away than that have to sleep @ the hospital or make other arrangements to be closer during call shifts.
    When on call, I always keep a bag ready with scrubs & a snack packed, and have a cup of coffee ready to pop into the microwave.
  6. by   pineapple lump
    15 minutes...being a smaller hospital caesarian sections done in the general theatres. my "call nights" were spent mostly sleepless---waiting for that phone call to see what the lucky dip would bring!!
  7. by   Crux1024
    Like most else, It is 30 minutes, you have to be dressed and ready to go by then. For the OB hospital, the call back is 20 minutes.
  8. by   ewattsjt
    20 minutes here because of OB. If you live outside of the call radius, you must stay at the hospital or make arrangements to stay nearby.
  9. by   CIRQL8
    We are 30 minutes - from the time that you are paged. That includes time to change. Must be in scrubs and ready to accept patient in 30 minutes. The hospital across the street has a 20 minute resonse time, but that is to punch in, not to be changed. So, it all evens out between the two. It is forgivable if you are a few minutes late and it does not delay the procedure.
  10. by   mcmike55
    We are a small rural hospital in Ohio, ans for us it's 20 minutes.
    That's call-to-clock time, normally it's only a fews mins. more to dress then set up starts.
    On an average. I'd say 30-35 mins from time of call to pt's bedside,
    We do not cover sections, other than the on call scrub tech, who is often called in on nights and week ends to first assist.
    Years ago one of our people was in a wreck hurrying back in for a case that, in retrospect wasn't that big of an emergency.
    Since then most of us try to keep things in perspective when coming in.

  11. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    30 minutes.
  12. by   crackerjack
    30 minutes here too