Engagement Rings in the O.R.

  1. I recently got engaged. Looking for any recommendations on how to keep my devotion to my fiancee close to me, but still be able to plunge my hands into two sets of gloves (6's over 6.5's LOL).

    Does anybody wear it on a chain or something else or just leave it at home? Seems so silly.
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    I would leave it at home.
  4. by   AnnieNP
    Definitely leave it at home. I have known way too many people over the years who lost wedding rings while working in the OR.
  5. by   Rose_Queen
    Safest place for it is at home. I can't tell you how many rings disappear forever in the OR. Pinned to scrubs and sent to laundry, tied to scrub pants drawstrings that come untied, somehow or another whatever was holding it came undone.
  6. by   SweetSouthernLove
    Home is best, but I do know a orthopedic surgeon who is of devout Christian faith and wouldn't even think of doing this. Instead, he wears a solid, thick 20" gold chain and his ring is on this to keep her close to his heart when he is healing people in the OR. Clearly one of my favorite guys to work with. The task is daunting, and with diamonds I would be hesitant, but again home is probably best.
  7. by   BosLeyDog1
    Pin it to your bra strap AND scrub top, that way you can't pull your shirt off without unpinning it
  8. by   SQueenRN
    I leave my rings at home.