Average amount of call time for OR nurses?

  1. Hi all!

    I'm sure it probably varies by organization, but I was wondering if some of the OR nurses could share the average amount of call time they take?

    I was also wondering if a 4-6 month orientation is adequate to prepare a nurse for the OR? I have experience in critical care, but the OR would be new for me. I have spent a good amount of time in the OR, specifically the CVOR, managing ballon pumps on cardiac patients during surgery and I have enjoyed spending time in the OR and gaining a better understanding of the role of an OR nurse.


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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    4 months is a bit on the minimal edge of what I'd accept for a new to the OR nurse. 6 months is more realistic. As for call, yes, it's really going to vary based on the type of facility (staffed 24/7? trauma? not trauma?), staffing patterns (how many staff members and how many need to be on call at a time), and so many other things.
  4. by   brownbook
    All I can say is it really varies. I worked PACU for a smaller acute care hospital so that might be different from an OR nurse. But nurses fought over my call time. They were all were money crazy and wanted the extra hours!

    I hated being on call and loved to give it up.
  5. by   prettymica
    It depends on the OR. I work in a non trauma OR so we do 2 days a month. I sign up for three so that I wont ever get placed in an open slot. So, thats ! weekend and 1 week day. So, about 24 hours in a month. I would say you would need about 1 year to get familiar with all specialties.
  6. by   JaredOwen
    I am an experienced RN new to the OR. I have been in Healthcare for 21 years. That seems like forever and I am 38. Today is my 4th month at the hospital I am with now. I am coming to the end of my orientation very soon. I feel like a calf on new legs still but it is getting easier. It is the harshest environment I have worked in. I have had to take confidence when I lacked it and don't do that well. Your original question though... at our hospital right now call time for nurses is 48-50 hours in a 6 week schedule. So about 8 hours a week on average. Best of luck and try to stay alive if you do decide to go the OR route!!!