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Opening a CNA school

by joyofharlem joyofharlem (New) New

Hello everyone, As a nurse for the past 8 years, I have always been interested in 2 things in particular: teaching and entrepreneurship. I have been considering opening a CNA school in the state of Florida where I currently live. I have been doing some research on the requirements and it is quite tedious, but I am prepared to put in the time, work and money. I would like to know if there is anyone who would be willing to offer advice or mentorship in this area. I will greatly appreciate any suggestions from my fellow nursepreneurs and peers!

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Don't know much about this but you probably should ask this question in the entrepreneur section if you haven't already. Also use the search box on this site I'm quite sure this question has been asked and answered. Good luck in your quest!

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You GO girl! I never thought of that, but that sounds like a great idea!

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Ok, thanks for that! I see the forum was already moved to that section.

maybe try becoming a CNA instructor first, that will give you experience in the field and also an inside look to the running of a CNA school. I had looked into becoming a CNA instructor myself and noted there aren't many schools here in IL. Hopefully Florida is different