Only nurses would have lunch conversations like this...


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One of our male LPNs has this running joke that anytime a woman comes in with gross vaginal issues' date=' he always seems to get them, like some weird, gross vagina magnet. Anyways, we were sitting around eating one day when he was describing a patient with some vaginal issues, and he blurts out "it looked like a shar-pei puppy swimming in a vat of mayonnaise!" I still crack up when I think about the way he said it, haha. And we just kept on eating![/quote']

Oh gosh I will love this forever!!!

(And I think I've had her as a pt!)

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I just think threads like these are best placed in the pre-nursing forums, or as a link on all threads that start, "Hello nurses! I have always wanted to be a nurse. Should I be a nurse???"

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Damn I miss the old emoticons!

So want a well placed "blue barf" emoticon ...BRIAN (if you are listening)

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Bwah ha haaaaaaaaa


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I am an RN and my sister is an NP in the emergency room - once at lunch she described a pelvic exam on a woman who had lost her tampon, this way; " was like trying to tighten a bolt on a car engine by going through the tail pipe..." the people in the booth behind us all turned and stared at the same time, I just nodded in agreement and kept on eating


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Our family went deep sea fishing one year and my youngest who was 7 and I did not fish, she apparently just sat and watched the waves. My oldest son met a young lady and they were standing at the rail with rods cast when my little one says,"Mommy, I am going to be sick". So I got her up to the rail right beside big brother and his new friend and she proceeded to loose her lunch. My son looked down and says,"Why is it brown? We haven't eaten anything brown. Why is it brown?" He does this for what seems to be a very long time. I finally had to tell him to stop because we may talk about that stuff at home, but his new friend might not, unless her mom is also a nurse.