University of San Francisco Fall 2018 Applicants

  1. Hello everyone!
    I wanted to start a forum for those who applied to University of San Francisco BSN nursing fall 2018. I just finished my application and submitted all my documentation last week. I am very nervous but extreamly excited to find out if I am accepted. USF is my dream school. Let's stick together in this as we anticipate our answers!
    My statistics:
    Transfer student from Diablo Valley College
    3.55 pre-req GPA
    3.75 overall (76 credits)
    150 hours volunteer service at John Muir Center for Recovery
    50 hours volunteer service at Northbrook nursing home
    Phi Theta Kappa honor society member
    Alpha Gamma Sigma honor society member
    4-H member 13 years

    My personal statement was a creative short story of my first experience with community service at age 8 and my care for a family member after they had a severe stroke.
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  3. by   aenoble
    USF is also my dream school! So glad to see someone started a thread. I'm applying as a transfer student a little north of SF.
    My statistics:
    3.84 Overall GPA
    3.82 Nursing GPA
    100+ hours volunteer at Kaiser Permanente
    I also had my Anatomy professor submit a letter of recommendation. Fingers crossed for everyone!!
  4. by   tessalynngarcia
    Great stats! Did you ever receive a portal log in? I wanted to check with the school to make sure they received all my transcripts and they are so busy I haven't had any luck. Someone told me I was supposed to recieve a portal log in that would tell me that my documentation was recieved.
  5. by   aenoble
    Thank you!! You as well. And I did, the day after I applied I got an email with a temporary PIN and a link to access the portal. Have you tried calling? I can usually get through to the Admissions department and they have been really helpful. Maybe give them a shot!
  6. by   tessalynngarcia
    Thanks! I found my portal information. It was in my junk mail. It still says in my portal that they haven't received two of my transcripts. They sent out last Friday so I'm just hoping they will be there by end of this week.
  7. by   aenoble
    Oh good! And did you send yours PDF? I did and mine were received and updated within 2-3 days.
  8. by   tessalynngarcia
    All received and updated! Hopefully we'll hear news soon!
  9. by   muyekawa
    Hi there! I applied to the USF Sacramento campus since that is where I live but I believe they do all the admissions in San Francisco. There is just an additional writing essay you have to complete. This is my first time applying.

    My stats:
    3.5 Overall GPA
    3.9 Nursing Pre-req GPA
    100+ hours Kaiser Volunteer Emergency Department
    80+ hours volunteer service for Soldier's Angels
    60+ hours VA Medical Center
    20+ hours Mercy General Hospital volunteer oncology
    90% TEAS score (They advised me to send my scores due to my lower overall GPA)
    Started a youth program for a private animal rescue group
    I also was an accomplished rower loooong ago and so I mentioned that, not sure what exactly they are looking for but I wanted to give them an idea of who I am.
    My former boss who was an alumni at the USF also sent a letter of recommendation and my professor also wrote a letter of recommendation.

    I don't think I'll get in because my overall GPA is not very competitive. I did mention in my essay the reason for my lower GPA due to getting pulmonary embolisms after having a major surgery done years ago. I also changed majors and hopefully they can see who I was when I was 18 is not who I am today. I'm still very hopeful though! Best of luck to us all!

    I saw past years that applicants received acceptance letters in early April! That's coming up!
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  10. by   tessalynngarcia
    Wow your definitely getting in. Awesome stats!!! Good luck! Do you know if Sacramento campus mails out letters around same time San Francisco does?
  11. by   muyekawa
    Thank you Tessa! I also applied to other programs just in case but USFCA is definitely my number one choice because the sacramento program specializes in Veterans Affair which is something I'm very passionate about. Your stats are awesome! I hope we both get in!! I believe they send out letters around the same time for both programs since it is the same committee doing the selection.
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  12. by   tessalynngarcia
    I know the Sacramento program sounds amazing as well. I hope we all get in. The wait to find out is killing me though!
  13. by   muyekawa
    I'm dying to hear back as well! I've been studying to take the HESI for another program so that has been occupying my time. It's crazy how time flies in school and then it's like an eternity waiting to get into a program.
  14. by   Dahlface
    Hi all! So happy I found this thread!
    3.7 Overall GPA
    3.8 science GPA with microbiology in progress
    I have over a year work experience as an EMT at a substance abuse detox and multicultural overseas volunteer medical experience.
    My two letters were from the director of my volunteer program and the healthcare director at my work.
    Good luck to all of you! The wait is killing me