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Hello, The application cycle for University of Miami ABSN for Summer 2017 just opened today. Wondering if anyone is applying! I will be sending my application in a few weeks. Deadline is March 1st.... Read More

  1. by   mgates4
    Yes I applied to Emory, Loyola Chicago (where I am at right now) and Miami. Emory is crazy expensive and I really really want to go to Miami so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! And yes I just emailed the general nursing school email because I couldn't find one specific to the ABSN program.
  2. by   Lys9505
    Well that's good you have other options! I hope you get accepted to Miami though! And okay, I'll try sending an email then. It would be nice to know and be able to start planning. I live in New Mexico and I have no idea where I'd want to live in Miami as far as off or on campus. It'd be a big move for me though
  3. by   mgates4
    Yeah hopefully they can give you something! Yeah I'm in Chicago now and graduating May 6th then would have to go straight to Miami and have no clue about neighborhoods or anything so I'd love to be able to visit and start planning ASAP!
  4. by   Lys9505
    Oh wow! So May will be very busy for you! Have you considered living on campus? I don't want to plan too much if I'm not accepted but I'm not sure what's the better option. I couldn't find any email. I'll probably just try calling tomorrow. Let me know if you hear anything!
  5. by   mgates4
    My boyfriend would be coming with me and we have two dogs so definitely off campus (ah more planning!). Yeah let me know if you hear back! They responded to my questions the same day
  6. by   Lys9505
    Oh yeah well I think having dogs will definitely limit your options a bit! I've been thinking about getting an apartment so family could come visit and stay with me because it's so expensive to stay in Miami! But on campus seems like it might be more affordable. I'd probably look for a roommate if I were to choose off campus. Do you have the email address by chance? I was going to try calling but I'm at work til 5. I might just give it another week and then call if we haven't heard anything. I feel like I've called too many times already haha
  7. by   mgates4
    Yeah the dogs definitely limit my options lol, but they're worth it! ( :
    The email address is
  8. by   Lys9505
    Yes I've been wanting one but figured now probably wouldn't be the best time! Haha but thank you! I just sent an email so hopefully I'll hear back as quickly as you did!
  9. by   mgates4
    Okay awesome! Let me know what they say!
  10. by   Lys9505
    Hello Alycia,

    We hope to notify the first round of applicants of their decision soon. You will be able to access your admission decision, when available, via your Canelink portal in addition to receiving a letter is US Postal. At this time, a decision has not been mailed.


    Joseph Yancey, M.A.
    Office of Student Services
    University of Miami Phone: (305) 284-2533
    School of Nursing and Health Studies Fax: (305) 284-6540
    5030 Brunson Dr. School of Nursing and Health Studies I University of Miami
    Room 142
    Coral Gables, FL 33146

    From: Alycia C []
    Sent: Friday, February 10, 2017 12:24 PM
    To: SONHS <>
    Subject: ABSN - Summer 2017
  11. by   Lys9505
    Here's the response I got!! Wasn't expecting it to be that quick
  12. by   Lys9505
    Wish there had been a date on there though of when they are sending them!
  13. by   mgates4
    That's great they replied so quickly but "soon" is so vague!