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Hello, The application cycle for University of Miami ABSN for Summer 2017 just opened today. Wondering if anyone is applying! I will be sending my application in a few weeks. Deadline is March 1st.... Read More

  1. by   astutesnake99
    All we can do at this point is seat and waiting--the waiting is nerve-wracking
  2. by   Lys9505
    Yeah totally nerve wracking!! Haha I've been looking at last years forum and the first people to get admitted got their acceptance letters February 17th! So I'm hoping we'll know then or sooner.
  3. by   YourFutureNurse2017
    does anyone's application still have "incomplete" ? mine does, but when i emailed, a person responded not to worry about it & if i am missing stuff, they would let me know. i did receive the scholarship application, but i guess not hearing anything back is pretty nerve wrecking.
  4. by   mgates4
    Mine does, but they told me not to worry about it and that it for their use not for us.
  5. by   Lys9505
    Mine says complete but I submitted it in September! When did you submit yours? I think it took like a month for mine to say complete
  6. by   YourFutureNurse2017
    I submitted mine back in October...
  7. by   Lys9505
    Wait I'm sorry. I was thinking of when my transcripts got verified. I submitted my application September 11th and my application said complete on canelink December 13th. I wouldn't worry about it. It seems like everything's taken longer for everyone then promised/expected with previous years also. It's just a stressful wait! I was told that complete means they have everything from nursingCAS and are ready to start reviewing. But I've heard different things everytime I've called that's just the last thing I heard haha
  8. by   dayi2929
    Mine also says incomplete and I submitted it in November. I know it is just supper nerve wrecking, I am checking everyday to see if my application finally says complete. It is just a waiting game at this point lol
  9. by   Lys9505
    Yes! I'll be excited once people start getting admitted. Waiting is the worst part! Haha
  10. by   mgates4
    I know some dates have been flying around, but has anyone spoken to admissions about when we might be hearing back? I applied back in November as well and am getting very anxious!
  11. by   Lys9505
    I haven't :/ I'm at work now or id try calling. The last time I called the lady was rude and didn't really answer my question. She just told me that complete doesn't mean a decisions been made, but I had been told by someone else before that my decision had been made already which concerns me that I haven't received anything. Maybe you should call and ask when the first group of students will be admitted? I can't wait to know either. I've been stressed about it too long!!
  12. by   mgates4
    I know I would call too but I'm in class until 5:30 and an hour behind (in Chicago). When I emailed they told me that the complete/incomplete was for internal processing and not to worry about what it said. I figured with the rolling app we would know soon! I found out within 2 months from another school I applied to around the same time
  13. by   Lys9505
    Do they respond to emails quickly? Maybe I'll try that. So you've already been accepted to another school? Is the university of Miami your top choice? I didn't apply to any other colleges because that's the only one I really wanted to go to. But now I'm wishing had made a backup plan! Cuz if I don't get accepted I'll have to wait another year probably to apply to other programs :/