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I figured I would start this thread for anyone else who is applying to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing program. Good luck everyone!... Read More

  1. by   Jmalnjj
    When I emailed them back in September they stated that our custom links would have our acceptance status posted but I've checked about 300 times since midnight on Monday and no change. When I called today to see when those might be posted, they seemed surprised that was a thing. So I'm wondering if anyone's page has been updated at all. I live pretty far from campus so I'm always one of the last to receive the letter which sucks. Good luck to everyone though. I'll keep you all in my prayers
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  2. by   mwall14
    What custom links?
  3. by   Jmalnjj
    The link that lead us to our supplemental application page. But like I said, I've been checking nonstop and it only says "submitted" as the status. I am assuming they'll update it by November 1st instead of earlier than that. The anticipation is driving me crazy
  4. by   mwall14
    Same here... I just want to know already! Plus being stuck at work until 7:30 tonight is not helping the anticipation. I really do wish they would notify us online!
  5. by   Eram786
    Hi, can you please post the supplementary link because I dont know it. I will really appreciate it.
  6. by   Jmalnjj
  7. by   mewall3
    You can find it in the email they sent you with the instructions for your supplemental application!
  8. by   Istoriaphile
    The supplementary address: Unsupported Browser No luck today. Did anyone besides one person on this forum receive a decision yet?
  9. by   Eram786
    Thank I just saw it but I is not updated.
  10. by   mewall3
    Nope...and it's officially mid October....
  11. by   kcas327
    I'm in Cary as well and haven't heard anything yet! Hopefully tomorrow?
  12. by   bcdicke
    I'm in Durham and I have not heard anything!
  13. by   Istoriaphile
    Did anybody hear back today?