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I figured I would start this thread for anyone else who is applying to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing program. Good luck everyone!... Read More

  1. by   Eram786
    Hi Everyone,
    Does anyone know how we can check our UNC application status as NASCAS no longer displaying them. Since new emrollment started for Fall 2019.

    Thank you
  2. by   kcas327
    I'm not sure if you still need not answer, but you can till access last year's NursingCAS application. There is a link in the "ATTENTION" notice to log back into the other application cycle. Hope this helps!
  3. by   Eram786
    Thank you
  4. by   ladybug06
    Hi everyone! Just bumping this thread to find out more and obviously anxiously waiting for word back (by Nov.1)....

    It seems like offers don't trickle out in the same way that initial college application decisions did. Are the ABSN decisions all released within the same week? Are we really going to be stuck waiting until end of Oct? Eek!

    Did you all include work experience and awards earned in high school? As a 29 year old with varying experience post undergrad, I didn't! It's eating me alive as I'm worried I didn't provide everything to show how well rounded my experience is from a young age... any response is appreciated!
  5. by   Istoriaphile
    Thanks for bumping this thread @ladybugs06. I am 36 years old so i am in the same boat as you. The wait is killing me. Anybody going to the information session at the beginning of October?
  6. by   mewall3
    Hi everyone! I just spoke to admissions and they said that we should expect to hear our decision mid-October! So maybe in 3 weeks?
  7. by   cjhonnie19
    This is my second time applying to the ABSN program. Last year decisions were sent out the third week of October.
  8. by   Eram786
    I am in the same boat as you. So I am not sure what exactly UNC is looking in a student. Waiting to hear from the school is exhausting. I dont know how much longer will it take them to post the letter. Hopefully soon!
  9. by   Istoriaphile
    @cjhonnie19 Why did you think you weren't selected last year? What changes did you make?
  10. by   cjhonnie19
    So last year after decisions were made I made a phone appointment to speak with the director and get feedback on my application. Essays and clinical experience were great, and volunteer work (although most was from high school) was good. It all came down to the applicant pool and competitiveness in respect to GPA. In order to improve my application, I retook statistics (original grade was B), general psychology (original grade was B+), and introductory nutrition (original grade was A-). I ended up getting A's in all of those classes when I retook them so fingers crossed that will make my application more competitive this year.
  11. by   Eram786
    Best of luck to you cjhonnie19! Hopefully, all of us will get in the program. I am not sure if I will get in as I have limited volunteer experience in a hospital setting. However, in the past I have worked for physician group practice for 2 yrs and then I worked with disabled population for 3 year holding different position. I hope that counts. I am being optimistic and hoping for the best. Also, I am taking nutrition right now which is my last prerequisite for UNC. Hopefully I will get a decent grade. Also did anyone attend the information session? I heard they are changing the requirements after spring 2019.
  12. by   cjhonnie19
    Best of luck as you finish your last prerequisite!
  13. by   Eram786
    Thank you!