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I'm starting this thread in hopes of meeting other hopefuls for the Fall 2018 BSN program at University of Maryland School of Nursing. I've submitted my application, just waiting on my Official... Read More

  1. by   frenchfry11
    Looks like they've notified DNP students and some RN-BSN so we're baby stepping our way into the traditional acceptances! good luck guys, this is my 2nd time applying (shady grove)
    gpa:3.7 for prereqs. nothing less than a B
    3.3 general because of health issues one year(explained)
    82% teas(reading:85.1, math: 96.9, science:87.2)

    2 years as a CNA and started as a ClinTech at INOVA hospitals in November.

    fingers crossed for everyone here! (shows we're all really invested in this haha)
  2. by   multiplex
    Has anyone had a status change recently? Mine is still at "Complete Ready for Review." Has someone's status been updated since the calls/emails?
  3. by   frenchfry11
    Mine says Committee Ready
  4. by   multiplex
    Quote from frenchfry11
    Mine says Committee Ready

    When did you change? Was it after the calls/emails?
  5. by   Abluef1
    Mine said this before emails/calls.
  6. by   multiplex
    Got it!! Thanks.
  7. by   Ngil98
    Mine says Committee Ready. It just changed in the past few days after the phone calls
  8. by   Belle.
    Quote from Ngil98
    Mine says Committee Ready. It just changed in the past few days after the phone calls
    What's your stats?
  9. by   Ngil98
    3.5 Science GPA
    3.5 Regular GPA
    86 on the teas (95 on the science section)
  10. by   Julieannh
    Hi guys, I'm applying to the Shady Grove campus for Fall 2018. Has anyone ever called the school after applying to get some more information on expected timelines? I don't want to be seen as a bother, but I'd love some peace of mind on this.

    My application is still in Complete, Ready for Review. But, I did get the email asking about which campus mid-early Feb.
  11. by   Belle.
    They said they'll release decision in April. Hopefully ppl that got calls/emails get in.
  12. by   Enter Username
    I'm also looking at Shady Grove in the Fall. Does it reflect on how they feel about our application if we are still in complete ready for review or are they just evaluated in the order received?
    I've been watching this board, but I think I'm just making myself more nervous!
  13. by   britt1120
    My application says
    Application Status: Complete Ready for Review
    Decision: Committee Ready

    I could've swore I only had complete ready for review earlier today . Maybe im going crazy lol