Stony Brook Basic BSN class of 2020 - page 10

Nursing Application has now opened for the Basic BSN fall 2018 program. I will be submitting my application Sept 1. I noticed there was no forum so I decided to start one... Good Luck to everyone... Read More

  1. by   md322
    I heard they lean more towards your GPA and letters of rec.
  2. by   jac97
    I heard it was a point system and that after the interview and math/writing test they look at your application as a whole. I've been told that when looking at GPA that they focus more on your science GPA.
  3. by   md322
    yeah, I heard that as well, however, I also read differently on this site. It seems some people have low GPA's and ace the interview and exams and get in, yet heard the oppsoite as well. I guess it's all upto what they're looking for this time around. Good luck to everyone who interviewed.
  4. by   Sussysalon1
    Hi! I have a question for the Basic Baccalaureate Program, do they also call for an interview?
  5. by   jac97
    @Sussysalon1 Yes, you need to be called for an interview in order to be considered
  6. by   md322
    Hi! Yes, you must get an invitation for an interview in order to be considered for accelerated and basic.
  7. by   md322
    when did you interview?
  8. by   jac97
    Mine was Feb 5th. I feel like it was months ago though lol
  9. by   md322
    who were you interviewed by?
  10. by   jac97
    One woman was an RN and the other a nurse practitioner/professor
  11. by   md322
    does anyone know if they are done with interviews?
  12. by   Anem0ne
    I'm not sure if they are with the actual interviews but I do know they have all been scheduled already. We should be hearing back now in about 4-5 weeks, but if past threads are any indicator, it may be earlier than the original time frame they gave us at the interview.
  13. by   samiull0119
    Hi everyone, i've also applied to the two year nursing program at Stony Brook, has anyone heard anything back yet? i'vebeen chekcing my email like crazy!