St. Louis University AMSN 2018 - page 2

Hey everyone! I was just accepted to St. Louis' AMSN for Fall 2018 and wanted to see if anyone else had been, as well. I've seen previous threads from previous years but not for this fall so I... Read More

  1. by   _futurenursebee
    Thank goodness! I already sent them to NursingCAS, but I had another set sent to the school too
  2. by   Round-Two
    Yeah I was confused about that too at first. I think you only had to mail them if you applied to the school directly from their website versus applying through NursingCAS.
  3. by   _futurenursebee
    Oh I see. I saw the NursingCAS application then when I checked the website for more info, I saw the note about sending transcripts to the school. They must be transitioning?
  4. by   Round-Two
    Yeah I think so. The lady who let me know I was accepted did say they have to move my information over to some new system.
  5. by   Emg83
    I finished my application on 1/31 and still haven't heard back! SLU AMSN is my top choice so I'm really hoping to get accepted. What GPA did you all apply with? I have no idea how many applicants they get, but I know there are only ~30 spots so that makes me really nervous...
  6. by   Round-Two
    I had a 3.42. I just finished touring the campus and we didn't get to go to everything since it's pouring down raining but it's really beautiful and everyone has been helpful thus far. I'm sure you'll be hearing something soon! They may still have applications to get through for people who applied a little earlier.
  7. by   _futurenursebee
    Everything is sent for me! Just waiting on one more recommender
  8. by   _futurenursebee
    I'm really hoping to have everything in this week and to hear back soon, St. Louis is one of my top choices!
  9. by   Emg83
    Turns out that I actually submitted my app on 1/29. I just got an email from Scott saying that I'll have
    an admission decision in 2-4 weeks. The wait is killing me!
  10. by   Mavrick
    I got my BSN from SLU. Back in the dark ages it was a good although an incredibly expensive school. I worked part time at Firmin Deslodge and got student loans when there was a nursing shortage and the State forgave up to 90% of the loan if you worked for 4 years.

    If you don't mind me asking, how does ANYBODY afford that place now??
  11. by   KayteeMN17
    Just got accepted today! Very excited about this opportunity, I may try to defer a year to deal with some family problems/save up some more money if that is something they will let me do. Good luck to everyone still applying!!
  12. by   _futurenursebee
    Congrats! Still waiting anxiously!
  13. by   Emg83
    I was just accepted on Wednesday! Will definitely be attending. Anyone else recently accepted? We should make a Facebook group of some sort for everyone that will be starting in the fall!