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As I was going through looking for threads of the programs I plan to apply for I didn't see one for SHSU Spring 2019 so I decided maybe I would go ahead and start one! I am currently finishing my... Read More

  1. by   momtonurse
    I just got the Identogo Email!
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  2. by   momtonurse
    Check your emails!!! I just got accepted!
  3. by   Comfy88
    OMG congrats!!!!

    what were your stats!
  4. by   momtonurse
    Nursing 3.68
    Overall 3.5
    Teas Overall 80
    Math 95
    Reading 96
    Not the greatest but I stayed hopeful lol
  5. by   Comfy88
    CONGRATS!!! ugh my Teas scores make me nervous
  6. by   Tex0512
    I was also accepted!!

    Looks like those of us who have received the identego email from other programs didn't get one from SHSU also, that stress was for nothing! lol


    My Stats
    Overall GPA: 3.88
    Pre-Nursing GPA: 3.83
    TEAS Overall: 92
    Non SHSU student, no CNA/EMT
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  7. by   Comfy88
    CONGRATS!! Can you share you stats?
  8. by   Tex0512
    Quote from Comfy88
    Thank you! I just added them to my above comment via an edit.
  9. by   momtonurse
    Are yall still down for drinks??? Lol
  10. by   HHan1919
    Did anyone notice that it was changed to a 5 semester program?
  11. by   Jamiepinks
    Quote from HHan1919
    Did anyone notice that it was changed to a 5 semester program?
    Yeah, not super thrilled, given that the change was never mentioned.
  12. by   Nursegonzalez
    OMMGGGGG I GOT IN!!!!! I can't believe it!!!! I'm praying for the rest of you ladies !
  13. by   sadb14
    I received my conditional acceptance for Spring 2019. Super excited! Check your emails. I also had my
    immunizations rejected at first with a deadline of 24 Sept. I resubmitted and never received a email back saying
    I met all of the requirements so I was super nervous. Good luck everyone and check your emails.