OSU Grad Entry 2018

  1. Hello all! I hope to start this thread as the official Q&A for the applicants of the Ohio State Graduate Entry Masters of Nursing/Nurse Practitioner Program Summer 2018 enrollment! I am in the works of applying, getting my last letter of rec together and studying for the GRE. I'm so excited!! How about you??
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  3. by   Josh Runkle

    I applied for the 2018 start also. I'm pretty nervous about getting accepted. I sent everything in already. I am applying for the FNP specialty. What specialty are you applying for?
  4. by   missminac
    Hi there!! I'm applying to women's health i know a girl who got accepted to the FNP at OSU but is going to case instead
  5. by   Josh Runkle
    Cool! Did you end up getting your last recommendation letter submitted? Did you end up doing the GRE? Are you applying for a fellowship?
  6. by   buckeyekh
    Hi all!

    I'm applying to the NNP program. Currently waiting to get confirmation from my last recommender that she will write my letter before I submit my application early next week. Crossing my fingers she'll say yes.
    I'm also planning on applying to the 2 year accelerated BSN program at Capital as a backup plan if I don't get in, then reapplying for traditional entry.
  7. by   tta94
    Thanks for starting this thread! Does anyone know the stats of past applicants that have been admitted?
  8. by   Josh Runkle
    Stats of past admitted applicants seem to be all over the board. It also seems to depend upon what specialty you are interested in.
  9. by   pehankin
    Hi! I applied for summer 2018 WHNP! just now got all of my requirements finished and am super nervous!!!
  10. by   pehankin
    I looked at a thread on here from last year, and the GPA's range all over the board. There was one guy with a 4.0 who applied FNP who got denied, and a girl who had a 3.3 and applied to WHNP and got in.
  11. by   pehankin
    I also noticed that interview decisions were sent out Nov 1st last year, and the first round of decisions were put out before Christmas. I'm hoping it's the same this time!
  12. by   Josh Runkle
    I asked at the Graduate Nursing Expo a few weeks ago and was told that ALL applicants with a completed application that meet the minimum requirements are asked to interview.
  13. by   moroccan1994
    Josh that's good to know! I thought only a select few get interviewed!
    I have applied to the Psych NP program! Hoping and praying to get in <3
  14. by   moroccan1994
    I remember a lady got admitted to the pediatric cohort with only like a 3.1 and hadn't been in school for 20 years! no academic references just references from past managers and she got in because her personal statement really showed she was passionate about pediatrics!