MUSC Spring 2019 ABSN

  1. Just putting feelers out there to see if anyone else on here is applying...
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  3. by   Moneysaver3
    I will be!
  4. by   hurricanekat
    Thats great!! I'm so nervous and excited at the same time!!
  5. by   davfort
    I am preparing to apply as well! What are your stats if you don't mind me asking?
  6. by   Jdd1994
    Hi! Anyone applying for priority admission for Sp19?
  7. by   hurricanekat
    Quote from Jdd1994
    Hi! Anyone applying for priority admission for Sp19?
    I just completed mine. You??
  8. by   Jdd1994
    I am in the process of completing mine and getting nervous (and excited)!

    I'm out of state with not much nursing experience so not sure what to expect.
  9. by   Nurse515
    I applied for the priority. Everything is submitted. Has anyone heard when we might find out if we are accepted or not?
  10. by   Nurse515
    I did.
  11. by   Jdd1994
    We'll find out by September 15th if we got accepted into the priority pool. If you don't hear back by then it just means that you are being considered in the regular applicant pool and should hear back with the rest of the applicants.
  12. by   Nbflat2
    The wait is killing me!
  13. by   bsndec19
    I'm currently in the MUSC absn program if you have any questions!
  14. by   Nurse515
    I want to know everything. Lol What is the work load like? Is it comparable to a working a 40 hour week?