Loyola Chicago ABSN Fall 2018

  1. Hi guys,

    I recently just got accepted to Loyolas' Chicagos ABSN program. The on campus (not hybrid option). I saw a few threads about former cohorts for this program, but none for fall 2018. I was just wondering if anyone else has been accepted and what they think of the program. I'd be moving from New Jersey.

    Has one visited the campus yet? Any other thoughts, etc
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  3. by   Dedancer454
    Hello- I recently applied but have not gotten an admissions decision. I was wondering what your GPA is and if you are still taking any of the prerequisites. Thank you!
  4. by   nickp24

    So my undergrad GPA was just under a 3.5. I've taken bio stats and chemistry and i've gotten a B in both. I took anatomy and received a B+ and the rest of my classes were either B+ or A's. I still need to take physiology which will start for me in January. I took the sciences through John Hopkins online health sciences.

    What I think really made up for some of my B's in the science pre reqs was my resume. I have 300 hours of paid healthcare experience working as a physical therapy aide and currently I teach kids with autism and down syndrome and other MDs. I really believe Loyola is very holistic with their decisions!
  5. by   Blueskies22
    Hello Dedancer454! I recently applied as well. I am itching to hear a decision already. When was your app complete?
  6. by   Dedancer454
    I applied on 11/29!
  7. by   Blueskies22
    Congratulations on your acceptance nickp24! I recently applied as well. It sounds like your healthcare experience is a huge plus!

    How long from the time that your app was complete till you heard a decision?
  8. by   nickp24
    Thank you! I would say 2.5 weeks. It was a pretty quick turn around! Just keep checking the application status!
  9. by   ABSN newbie
    I have a question for those accepted. Did you receive an email of acceptance? I have completed my application and got an email that my application was reviewed and that I should check my status, but my application status has not changed. Not sure what this means.
  10. by   Blueskies22
    I was accepted on 12/13! My letter of acceptance was on my actual application. I got an email to check my application like you did. But my application was actually updated with my letter of acceptance like 2 days before I got the e-mail to check my application. I was checking everyday so I saw my status change on the application before I got the e-mail. So think there may be some delays with their system. It might just be taking some time for your application to update.

    Also, before my letter of acceptance was added to my application I was given a school ID login for their online portal. In the morning I checked my application and I saw I was given a school ID login and then about 12 hours later it was upated with my letter of acceptance. And then 2 days later I got the e-mail to check my application.

    It seems like there's definitely some delay with their system and it doesn't seem like everything happens in a specific order so you're probably just waiting for it to update. So don't lose hope! If you don't see an update to your application I would say give your counselor a call tomorrow!
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  11. by   ABSN newbie
    Blueskies - thank you and congrats on your acceptance!!
    When I look at my application, there is a Loyola ID there now, but no status change. So, hopefully I will learn something tomorrow (fingers crossed!)
  12. by   Jad711
    I was accepted last Friday! I visited their main campus a few years ago as a senior in high school and it was really nice but I haven't been to the Maywood campus. Has anyone started looking at housing yet? I know it's early but I'm just curious
  13. by   jackietran
    Hey everyone! I have a question- can a decision be made without all the official transcripts sent in?
  14. by   gcantley
    Hi Everyone! I was accepted into the Fall 2018 program on 12/13. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good options for housing such as good/bad neighborhoods and decent priced apartments. I am going to be living on a budget, so if anyone is looking for a roommate to cut down on housing costs let me know!

    jackietran - From what the admissions counselors have told me, you must have the official transcripts sent in for them to start looking at your application.