Loyola Chicago ABSN Fall 2019


Hi everyone,

Thought I would get a thread started for Fall 2019 cohort. I just submitted my application and I'm anxiously waiting. I've been prepping for this all year when I started taking my pre-reqs through Portage Learning in April.

Hope to hear from y'all!



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Which campus did you apply to? I sumbitted mine to Downers Grove yesterday!


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I applied to the Maywood campus, I found out last week that I got accepted, yay!

Good luck!


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Just submitted my application to Maywood yesterday! Congrats on your acceptance!


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Congrats! How long did it take you to hear back?


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I heard back a little before 2 weeks, I was checking my online app for updates everyday. It said online that I got in almost a day before I got the actual e-mail.


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Hello! I was also accepted to the Maywood Campus program for Fall 2019! Congratulations!


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Hi everyone! I was also accepted into the ABSN program at the Maywood campus this fall!


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I was also admitted to the maywood campus for fall 2019!


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Congrats to everyone that was admitted! I just sent in my application for the Maywood campus and I'm a bit nervous honestly.


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Just found out today I've been accepted to the program! Super excited and can't wait to start


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Just got accepted to Maywood fall 2019. So excited! Ah!