Looking for a RN-BSN online program

  1. Hi,
    I am looking for a RN-BSN online program. Currently I am not working in the healthcare field as I just got my license and am trying to land that new grad position. I have few questions.

    1) Does anyone suggest a good online program? I was looking into UTA (University of Texas at Arlington) and Grand Canyon University. UTA is cheaper so I was leading into that. I was wondering how the classes are set up, how many assigments per class, etc.

    2) I am not a fan of writing and I understand that I will do a lot of papers. How much though? Will I have to write papers every week?

    3) Has anyone gone through a RN-BSN program while in a new grad program? I am worry that once I get the job I will be overwhelmed with the new grad orientation plus school work. Any advice?

    I really need to make a decision this week on each program to apply. So any suggestion will be great!!
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  3. by   Flames9_RN
    I'm sure you have seen my GCU post--I start on Sept 30th.....They appear to have multiple starts dates each month. I went with GCU form the favorable comments I had read here on Allnurses.......Yes I found some negative reviews from other sites, but recent positive reviews from here helped! Really liked my counseller, she is awesome--did not hound me like other schools!! They were worse than car salesman.

    As a new grad, I would wait a bit and find a job and then get through their orientation and gain a bit of experience...Can be pretty stressful at the beginning, and then add school on top of that---no thanks,lol But thats just me! In ur upcoming interviews you can mention you have narrowed your BSN schools down and will eventually start once you gain some experience. Best of luck
  4. by   gikg
    Flames9_RN thanks for your reply. My original plan was to get a job then after one year I would go get my BSN. The problem is that I am not being able to get a job. Not even an interview. I was able to talk with a nurse recruiter from a big hospital where I am from (San Diego, CA) and she told me that she loved my rsum however they would never call me for an interview bc I don't have BSN. I explained to her that I was going to do it. Had already submitted an application but wanted to wait to start just after the orientation. She said that unfortunately if I am not enrolled on a BSN program I will never be considered.

    That is why I decided to do it right now. If I get too overwhelmed I am hoping I could take a break for few weeks. I talked with my counselor from GCU and he said that as long as I communicate with him ahead of time they can arrange a break for me. So lets see.

    I just wanted to make sure that I am choosing the right BSN program. I was looking into UTA, since they appeared to be cheaper. But with them I would have to she a lot of general classes and I don't look forward to that.
  5. by   thedewey
    I am starting the RN-BSN online program at Arizona State University this coming May. Not sure what the price would be if you are out of state tuition.
  6. by   Flames9_RN
    Yes, I believe one can take 2 weeks off between classes with no problems! if you need longer, you then require approval----if your using financial assistance.,.And if you sign up for ANA, you get 10% off classes as well, but once again, if you take longer than 2 weeks off, you need approval, or you lose the discount.

    I have heard finding a job in California is difficult, so I guess that leaves you with no choice than doing your BSN now!

    I went the GCU as well as they didnt require me to take any Gen Ed classes (as I already have them) I think I require a ttl of 12 classes---and 2 of those I can test out of.

    Love San Diego---When I was with the Canadian Navy--was our 2nd home!! Nice city and love the climate. All the best
  7. by   gikg
    What classes I could test out of it??? That sounds interesting.
  8. by   gikg
    What classes I could test out if it?? That sounds interesting.
  9. by   Flames9_RN
    1 was--heres to your health---and another on Substance abuse--not sure on the exact school names...... I had taken something similar at Community college, but was not quite enough to satisfy the requirements I guess, thus I could test out on it
  10. by   gikg
    Weird, those classes are not listed on the proposed schedule I got from them.
  11. by   Flames9_RN
    Those are not the exact names of the courses. They stated most end up requiring 12 courses to complete the BSN program
  12. by   BSNbeDONE
    If either of your choices require a writing class, I would definitely get that out of the way first, while you still forming a decision, if writing is not your strong suit. In my current RN-BSN courses, each post has to be formatted correctly, with proper citation within each post and at the conclusion. Having a strong grasp of writing makes it so much easier to take more than one class at once.

    Just my opinion...
  13. by   mmc51264
    I am enrolled in the RN-BSN program at East Carolina University. It is totally online. I don't know about other programs, but there are 2 writing extensive courses and this first semester it is all about learning APA writing style. Writing is going to be a big part.

    I just finished my 6 month new grad program. I still have class commitments though that program until May. I wasn't ready to go back to school right away after my ADN LOL.

    It is all about time management.