LoneStar Spring 2018 ADN

  1. I just applied to the Lonestar Cyfair ADN nursing program for the Spring of 2018. I haven't seen anything on here about hopefuls for Spring 2018, anyone else apply?
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  3. by   sweetcheeks2626
    I'm starting the application, my number 1 pick is Kingwood at this point. I still have to upload all the forms and do the Titers for HepB.
  4. by   Ariannaleigh
    What's you're score? I'm currently a 6.95 but I am going to retake my Hesi and A&P to get a higher score. I also think my main choice will be kingwood since they offer more slots.
  5. by   kezmosle
    Im just starting my application to the cyfair location, but im running into little problems here and there already! smdh:P
  6. by   lonestarcd
    I've started my application as well. I had originally planned to apply to UT Health, but decided on Lonestar since there seemed to be a little more flexibility in terms of scheduling.
  7. by   kezmosle
    Does anyone know if we need to get the flu, pneumonia and meningitis vaccines to start the program?
  8. by   kezmosle
    Yeah i live like right down the road from the UT health, but currently i work 63 hours a week so i definitely don't think my schedule would have worked heh.
  9. by   sandraguadalupee
    I am going to apply for Spring 2018 but in Kingwood. I am going to retake english to get an A (currently have a B) and retake my Hesi exam to score higher. Im hoping with all of this retaking I will have a score above 7.
  10. by   sandraguadalupee
    I also wanted to ask how many students are admitted for spring 2018? And is it require to get cpr certified to apply? Oh and is it a high school diploma or transcript that they want?
  11. by   sweetcheeks2626
    What jobs can you do while going to nursing g school?
  12. by   sweetcheeks2626
    I was told high school diploma or transcript. I didn't see anywhere that CPR was required, but I could be wrong
  13. by   sweetcheeks2626
    What do you do?
  14. by   sandraguadalupee
    Thank you. Then I will be uploading my diploma if transcript is not necessary.