LIU brooklyn fall 2018

  1. Hi everyone! I wanted to start a thread for LIU brooklyn BSN students of FALL 18. I will be starting my nursing/clinical phase in September 18 and I was admitted as a transfer student. Is anyone starting around the same time? Also, if you're a current student, is there any helpful feedback or advice you can provide for new students? How is the clinical experience? Professors? School in general? etc.

    Thank you and hopefully we'll get to meet in school!
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  3. by   2min
    I will also be starting Fall 2018 as a transfer student. I assumed we begin classes on Sept. 5 because that's the start of the classes I registered for. Of the courses I am taking, it doesn't look like there will be a clinical for any of them so I was confused about when clinicals start for us. It's such a relief to find someone else from this cohort.
  4. by   nurseangela923
    Hey! Yes, I also registered for classes starting 9/5 (I meant September 2018* lol) and it was 5 classes all together. I was told by a previous student that the clinicals start 6 weeks into the semester and replace the lab portion or something like that but I guess we'll find that out soon. I'm in the process of getting all of the documents and medical stuff done now, so excited! Do you know if we have to attend some type of orientation before classes start?
  5. by   2min
    Oh that makes sense.
    The adviser told me orientation is August 29. I assume we'll get an email with specific details.
    I'm excited too! But also a tad bit nervous. Would you mind posting information as you find things out? I'll do the same
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  6. by   nurseangela923
    Yes of course!
  7. by   2min
    Would you mind telling me what classes you're registered for?
  8. by   nurseangela923
    Hey! I was registered for patho, informatics, pharmacology, health assessment, and topics in nursing. How about you?
  9. by   Shawnieshawn
    Hello Everyone,
    I recently registered for nursing classes, coming in as transfer student. I'm excited and a bit scared at the same time.
    Glad to connect with fellow future nurses!!!
  10. by   nurseangela923
    Hey that's exciting! Did you register for the same classes I listed or different? Also are you aware on how the clinical part works? I'm still confused about that.
  11. by   Shawnieshawn
    Hi nurseangela923, currently I'm part time because I work. Right now, I'm registered for Contemp. Topics, Patho (which sucks because my previous patho wasn't accepted), and Pharmacology. The advisor I met with said that there wouldn't be clinicals until a later semester.
  12. by   nurseangela923
    Oh okay got it! Which school are u transferring from? Also, do you know when orientation will take place?
  13. by   Lns101
    Hi! I am also starting my nursing classes in September. I've heard that the curriculum changed which is why we aren't starting clinical's now and starting next semester instead but they haven't posted the new sequence map of the new curriculum online as yet. When I went to advisement they gave me a paper stating that orientation was Aug 29th, do any of you know if we still have to purchase the uniform or anything else if we will not be starting clinical's?
  14. by   Shawnieshawn
    Yes, August 29th is orientation. I was told for the first semester that you still need to (at least) buy the uniform from a particular supplier and that the other things can wait until later.