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Has there been a thread created for Johns Hopkins Fall 2018 MSN Entry into Nursing program? is there anyone applying to this program?? Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   qwerty15
    I heard that calling admissions gets you the vaguest answers and that emailing them usually gives you more accurate feedback. They're sending mixed messages because when I called, they said end of March but also that if I emailed them, they can tell me more. And from what others have said here, seems like whoever is responding to the emails predicts a much sooner turnaround time.
  2. by   sbeshk
    Just got the email that decision letters have been posted!
  3. by   JMO060913
    I did too - I'm in and am so excited! Best of luck to everyone and hope to see you in the fall!
  4. by   m1161
    Where does it say anything about scholarship?
  5. by   estefpf
    Where did you see that information? I haven't received any emails.
  6. by   joti12345
    i got in!! they just sent me an email!
  7. by   JMO060913
    I heard that it comes in your official packet. Other folks earlier in this thread said that they also got a phone call and the person who called them mentioned that they had received a scholarship, but did not say how much on the phone.
  8. by   SFnurse2b
    Is it only via email or are people also able to see something on a portal of some kind?
  9. by   qwerty15
    Just got the email!!! Good luck!
  10. by   Hope2banurse1
    Holy crap!!! I got in!!!!!!
  11. by   cc3070
    Just got in! So excited!!
  12. by   Hope2banurse1
    Congrats you guys! Good luck
  13. by   m1161
    So what are people saying? The max scholarship you can get is $25k spread over the 22 months? Do we have a total Estimated Cost of Attendance?