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Has there been a thread created for Johns Hopkins Fall 2018 MSN Entry into Nursing program? is there anyone applying to this program?? Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   AmsC
    It's finally March!! The website said we'd be hearing beginning in March so I hope they mean this week, haha. Anyone know around what date people started hearing back last year?
  2. by   ltaylor19
    My friend heard back February 24th last year...so looks like they may be a little behind
  3. by   AmsC
    I emailed them and they said they might start sending out decisions today. We'll see I guess, I'm dying to know! *fingers crossed*
  4. by   SFnurse2b
    Did anyone hear anything? I haven't heard.....
  5. by   Hope2banurse1
  6. by   Peapers
    I'm still waiting to hear back as well. Hopefully they send out letters this week! Do you know if they will be giving out scholarships to people that did not apply for the early deadline?
  7. by   estefpf
    I believe decisions will be sent by email. That's what they've done in the past.
  8. by   estefpf
    I emailed admissions and they said decisions will be going out this week. Best of luck to everyone!
  9. by   qwerty15
    Has anyone received any emails/letters yet? So anxious at this point!
  10. by   Hope2banurse1
    Not me. I'm anxious too! I hope I get in. It would be extremely awesome! Good luck guys.
  11. by   missapilch
    Really pulling to hear back by tomorrow!!! agh! Cant take the waiting.
  12. by   qwerty15
    haha! I've been looking for the past 2 days to see if anyone wrote any updates and when there was nothing, I decided to make an account and take action
  13. by   Peapers
    I've been checking my email every hour for the past couple days lol. I called admissions today and the person I talked to said that it might be another week or two, but could be sooner. Very vague.