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So I am in the 3rd week of my second quarter at ITT-Tech in Phoenix. I am not going to lie, the first quarter nursing class is very boring and dry, but it is picking up a bit in this quarter. In our... Read More

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    I'm not alluding to being better. I know I am. Bitter much? lol sucks....
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    Hello I am just curious as to if you graduated the program??
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    Quote from RN2064
    ITT has done all that is required for NLNAC accreditation and come June/ July I do believe the NLNAC will announce the results. ITT will have NLNAC. I can't wait to laugh at those like you who clearly know nothing about the school. It is a good school. .
    And....3 years later....the answer is...nope. They still do not have CCNE or ACEN accreditation. Laughing yet?
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    Quote from klone
    And....3 years later....the answer is...nope. They still do not have CCNE or ACEN accreditation. Laughing yet?
    "Oh, we are in the process of getting accreditation" is the neatly canned answer given to prospective students to ensure their enrollment (and dollars).

    After all, the admissions representatives are keen to the fact that a lack of accreditation is a deal-breaker for many, so they downplay the deal-breaker to get students who are on the fence to enroll.
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    Quote from Kath106
    Hello I am just curious as to if you graduated the program??
    If you are wondering whether the member who originally started this thread ever graduated from the nursing program at ITT Technical Institute, I seriously doubt it. The last time he had logged on in 2011, a review of the posting history indicates he was in the process of enrolling in an LPN program in Maricopa County, Arizona.
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    I was just wondering because I am currently in ITT Tech nursing student starting my third quarter. It has been really tough but I made it through. we are accredited regionally and we have been approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing and we had had to graduates already that have passed the board and are practicing as RNs in right now
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    I figured I would reply since I graduated from ITT in Oregon. It is a rough program, but one I would definitely go through again. We were granted our state licensure while I was attending which was very exciting. I made it through with maybe half of the students I started with, many dropped out because they could not handle the pace of the program or had other things come up in their life. The only thing that sucked about the school were the politics and having to have everything uniform from campus to campus. So, if one program in another state was sucking we all paid the price in corporate changes. But, no matter what school you go to, politics will always be there.

    And no matter what others on this or any board say, an RN is an RN no matter where you go to school. I have met and worked with people that go to big name schools (and/or have their BSN) that are rather dumb and generally suck as nurses (not saying this is everyone, so take no offense!), so where you attended really does not matter; its all about the knowledge you walk away with and how well you were able to develop your nursing judgment. We ALL have to pass the same test with the same level of questions in order to practice. Nearly everyone I graduated with had a job within 2-4 months of passing their NCLEX. I personally graduated in January, tested in the 1st week of March, interviewed a week later and started working (hired from my first interview as an RN) in April. And almost everyone I graduated with has enrolled in or is getting ready to graduate from an RN to BSN program, there are many options out there that will accept the majority of credits from ITT Tech. Good luck!
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    My issue with ITT is not as much whether nurses who have gone there are proficient. My issue is the fact that they are not accredited by either ACEN or CCNE. That fact, which may seem insignificant, will prevent matriculation into many BSN/MSN programs, as well as employment at many facilities (many state "must be a graduate of an accredited nursing program"). With so many limitations, and such a HIGH price tag (last I checked, it cost something like $60K for the associate's program, and over $85K for the prelicensure BSN program), why would anyone choose them? I just don't get it.
  11. by   Nursewnnabe
    You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! It is the graduates who build a schools' reputation.
    If the nurses from ITT have a good work ethic, the school's reputation will grow and shine!
    I'm probably going to go there because I'm 51! I don't want to wait 4 years just to get INTO an RN program! Geez, I might be dead by then!