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I just got done applying for GCU's fast track program to start this Fall. I'm hoping I get accepted so that I can start but might have to wait till Spring '12. Please let me know if you hear... Read More

  1. by   TLK879
    Great! Thanks! I think I'm going to take Ethics this summer as well then. Right now I'm registered for Statistics and NUR207 and I'm finishing up Nutrition. Is Ethics hard? I'm definately going to try to get into the Fast Track. I think both the Traditional and Fast Track students are in the same classes. I'm not sure. They might have a few due to the number of people. What is your email, if you don't mind me asking? It's a lot easier to talk through email than through here. My email is Again, Congrats! Go celebrate this weekend!

  2. by   inspiredRN10
    I took ethics at rio salado, as an 8 week class. Super easy! All the assignments were papers, so lots of writing but I ended with 100%. Just a thought if gateway is already full or started. Good luck!
  3. by   RNicholask
    Thanks! Yeah, I'm sure our paths will cross at some point.
    I know I want to get a jump start in reading or something. I have the elsevier nclex-rn exam book and cd so maybe thats a good start. Wahoo
    anyone know what color the scrubs are?
  4. by   h9house
    Congratulations NickWahoo!!! Possibly purple scrubs??
  5. by   inspiredRN10
    There is a website. and I guess gcu has a link and that's where we order our stuff. However they said to wait for orientation before you do all that...I think they are a dark purple
  6. by   RNicholask
    Thanks h9house,

    Thanks for that link inspiredrn! yeah.. Looks like "grape" color for scrubs. Can't wait for orientation. Got my stetho ready!
  7. by   TLK879
    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone knew the information on the book that we need for NUR207. I tried to go to the bookstore online today and it isn't working. I was hoping to order it from amazon, but I need the name and author and publishing year, etc. If anyone knows and could tell me, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. by   Lizzyru
    Congratulations, Nick! I'm really excited for you! Are you quitting your job while you do NS?
    Good luck!!!

    I took my Ethics class @ PVCC. I really enjoyed it. Little did I know, I still have 2 more classes to take... UNV and
    Religion. Have you all taken these classes already?? Are they going to take up a lot of time during level 1 & 2??

  9. by   RNicholask
    Thanks Lizzru!

    I'm not quitting my jobs, but I'll def be cutting my hours down to weekends only.
    I love both jobs. I'm hoping that at some point during school I can take thr CNA test so I can transfer out of Banner Tbirds pharmacy and into a nursing dept. And as far as CVS pharmacy, my RPH if the coolest guy, one of my if not my best friend. And so working with him on wknds is relaxed and I can keep all my pharmacology knowledge fresh.

    I haven't taken the UNV and religion course but I'll be taking them during the 1st blk and 2nd blk. Theyre online I believe so I think itll be okay.

    I'm going to call this week to meet and register for fall. Got all my stuff together from the orientation meetin ready to go. Hows everyone else doing?

    I honestly can't wait to start. but I'm def enjoying this summer off.
  10. by   inspiredRN10
    I just took the NUR 207 in the spring semester. The book we used was: Interpersonal Relationships: Professional Communication Skills for Nurses by Elizabeth C Arnold and Kathleen Underman Boggs. 5th Edition. The book is green with a white banner. I got mine at Amazon for $10 probably! Good luck!

    And yes, I had NO idea we had to take UNV (I already have a degree!!) and the religion course. So annoying. But I will probably try and take them both as soon as I can in the program. My counselor told me they are 8 weeks online. They recommend doing the UNV in the first level, and the religion in the 4th. But I may just want to knock those out so I won't have anything else to worry about!
  11. by   RNicholask
    For those of you who need to get a physical or a tb test still....
    found out cvs minute clinic at 59th ave union hills does:
    Physical exam: $39.99
    Tb 1 step: $27.00

    I think those prices are fairly decent. Hope that helps anyone. The physical
    took less than 15 min and they only accept walk ins.
    Hours monday-friday are 830am-7pm.

    Is anyone as stoked as I am to start this thing! Bring it! !
    Im real anxious about schedules, orientation, and financial aid.

    Going to vegas and hopefully one more vaca before school begins....
  12. by   talenea88
    That's great NickWahoo, I will be making a trip to vegas as well before summer ends!! Very exciting!

    Does anyone know when we will be able to register for classes? I'm anxious and excited to finally begin!! Although, I am appreciating every day of summer as I know fall semester will keep me busy! Thanks!
  13. by   RNicholask
    I heard theyre still working on schedules and should come out mid-July? But I'm thinking end of July to beginning of Aug.