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I just got done applying for GCU's fast track program to start this Fall. I'm hoping I get accepted so that I can start but might have to wait till Spring '12. Please let me know if you hear... Read More

  1. by   h9house
    Hi everybody! I applied for the fall 2011 traditional program and am waiting to hear if I got in. I received the same e-mail, but orientation is June 16. I am waiting on pins and needles till I hear something. Good luck to everybody!!
  2. by   inspiredRN10
    Orientation for the fall is june 16!? Wow that's soon, I was thinking it would be in August! Well it'll happen sometime in the next 5 days!!!
  3. by   MrsODemus
    @LizzyRu- I work at PVH ER as a unit sec right now. So I had everything done in March when I started there. I am hoping orientation isn't on the 16th as I am working until June 20. I guess we will all know this week. Not sure how many applied for the spits,1 nurse friend guessed 300 or so applicants? But again, just a guess! Hoping my grades, GPA, and TEAS results get me in !!!
  4. by   Lizzyru
    @Mrs. O - that's really cool you work in ER! Do you like being a HUC? I am a PCT in the OR area but am filling in as an HUC until they find a permanent one. What shift do you work? And you are quitting your job?

    @inspired RN - my orientation date I received for immunization info is 6/20. Maybe they are splitting us into different groups. I have no idea how many are being accepted to start this fall. I sure hope I am one of them! If 6/16 is indeed a date for orientation, they are sure not going to give you enough time to prepare, are they?? I mean tomorrow is 6/13 already. Do you think we'll hear something tomorrow???

    @talenea88 - When did you apply to the program? I wonder if they projected that there were too many applicants already applying for the PM program so they may have closed it by the time you applied? I contacted a counselor as soon as a friend told me about the PM program last fall. When I expressed my interest to keep my job at PCH, the counselor told me the PM program was geared toward those who were already working in the healthcare setting so it would be a perfect match for me. Had I not been told about the PM program by a friend, I would never have even known about it. I imagine the PM program would be more competitive to get in so he suggested I put down the day program as my 2nd preference.

    Good luck to everyone! Keep us posted when you find out your admission status!
  5. by   talenea88
    @lizzyru I applied beginning of may and when I told my advisor im interested in the morning, he said they're not sure what my schedule would be like. It seems to me many students had an option. Like you said you put the am as a back up, I didn't have that option. I did however let my advisor know that I am interested at the gcu based program. Not sure what I got myself into lol!
  6. by   h9house
    Sorry, I should have specified. The e-mail I received said if accepted to the fall traditional program there will be an immunization orientation on the 16th of June. So it looks as if they are splitting the orientations depending on the program you chose. So I should know either way by Wednesday. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  7. by   RNicholask
    Yeah my email said June 20th as well. But I applied for fast track!
    Ahhh.... Everytime I get an email to my phone I get so nervous it's GCU.
    We should know by this week seeing how June 20th is next monday! =)

    After block 1 I want to see if I can take the CNA test and transfer from pharmacy to a unit and get some experience in!
    G'luck everyone... *sweating*
  8. by   h9house
    I've been curious about that-after what block we would be able to apply for a job at a hospital/medical center. Since I chose traditional I would have summers off and it would be nice to have a job during the break. Keep us posted about what you find out about the CNA test after block 1. Good luck to you!!
  9. by   talenea88
    Haha everytime my phone says I have an email, I also get nervous thinking its gcu! I know what you mean nickwahoo!!!
  10. by   RNicholask
    So i've read a couple different things.
    I've read that CHW accepts nurse externs after block 1 of nursing school. Mayo's nurse extern program needs to be junior year. Whatever that means. After block 3? And Banner you need to be within 1 year of graduating. Haha..
  11. by   h9house
    Thanks NickWahoo! I appreciate the info
  12. by   Lizzyru
    My cell phone is driving me crazy too. I was really hoping they will start sending out acceptance (or otherwise) emails today... maybe tomorrow. lol Keep us posted!!
  13. by   inspiredRN10
    Ha ha we are all glued to our phones/computers! I thought they would send them out today too! Ahh! So acceptance letters are emailed out, do they email if you don't get in?? I shouldn't think that way...positive thinking!!